Monday, July 14, 2014

Alternative Daemon Princes from Hi Tech Miniatures!

Need a Daemon Prince, but really don't want the same one as everyone else? Don't like the GW model, but want to stick to the same scale? Can't/ Don't want to convert a nice Daemon Prince? I am always looking for alternatives as part of my building a better series and while this is more of a GW Alternative article, it still may be up your alley.

The two DPs I will talk about in this article are from Hi-Tech, who I talk about a lot, mostly because I have quite a few of their models and I trust them over several of the other 3rd party sites I have ordered from in the past.

I also just plain think these DPs are pretty awesome and have better detail and overall looks than the average hobbyist can create with a conversion.

First up is the Dethroner, a winged DP (obviously, you don't have to use the wings, which would make great conversion bits on their own). Dethroner has a lot of details and could be good for any flavour of DP or even Belakor with his awesome sword. The armor, when you look at it from all angles, is pretty detailed and should take paint very well. The design reminds me of the Obliterator Alternative I painted up last year.

Dethroner's shoulder pads, fist, sword and pauldrons (with the daemon face on one!) are great and I would have a ton of fun painting this model up.

The wings are kind of cool/ kind of odd. I could honestly take or leave them. If I bought the model and didn't like them in person, I would just kitbash a little, but if they are nicer in person, I would likely keep them.

Gorguts looks fantastic! This model is full of details and would simply be a joy to paint. The torn flesh, armor, tubes, cables, tentacles, blades, horn, teeth and stone allow for so many textures and surfaces that it begs to be painted!

He is obviously a good Nurgle DP stand in and happens to come with a great base. I would use him as a Nurgle DP with Blace Mace myself.

I like the double cloak as it would allow me to add another color into the model and it is another layer of detail that most manufacturer's models would not include.

Again, I am a little iffy on the wings. I would really need to see them in person before I made a decision on them.

Here is a size comparison. I like that the scale of the model isn't super huge and that it could easily fit into most GW games.

As a bonus, here are a couple of bonus Oblit alternatives I hadn't caught in previous articles. I may have to add them to the large cult of Terrorizers I already have!

For more of Hi-Tech's models or to find out where you can order them, check out the Hi-Tech Web site.

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