Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hi-Tech Obliterator Alternatives Painted!

TJ here with a ton of photos of my Oblits which were made from the original three Hi-Tech Miniatures Terrorizer models (now I believe there are three more additional models). These models are a lot nicer than the GW models and make great oblits. I painted them up in the same scheme as the rest of my End of Days army, so let's take a look:

This is my favorite of the three models. I wanted to break up the flat surface on the chest so I gave him some hazard stripes and have them a little highlighting as well. The purple robes are similar to my Keeper of Secret's tentacles and the robes on my fateweaver, which is also the same scheme as the khorne hounds I recently painted.

One of the things I love about this line are the faces stretched out on the shoulder pads with hoses going into them. I wanted to make them look like they were animated by same blue energy that is a constant theme in the End of Days army, so I added it in and I think it looks suitably nasty.

The toxic tank is one of my favorite features of the model.

I wasn't a big fan of the Mega Death skull on the side, but now I think it looks pretty cool. I think if I chose a traditional 40k theme for the army, it would bother me, but considering my alternative theme, It actually works.

This model is actually my contender for my favorite of the three. I know for certain I like the arms better. The skull face with the mask is also pretty cool.

I love the skull shaped shoulder pad here and all I can think of is how this arm could be made into a Burning Brand arm for a Chaos Terminator Lord.

The back of this model is really cool with its nasty flesh and cables.

Another great face that is also puking up the twisted muscle of the arm!

Here is a closer look at that skull face.

And now my least favorite of the trio. He isn't super-terrible, but he is certainly not as cool as his buddies. He does come with some cool weapons options though.

Here there is an odd cthulu ish face puking the corrupted flesh onto the arm. the assault cannon is actually pretty cool here.

Then there is the back, which includes a belt of ammo for the assault cannon arm, which is actually pretty nice and is a nice feature on an otherwise weaker model.

This arm (and the arms in general) really save this last model for me. This face and the whole lascannon arm are really imposing and detailed. Behind the shoulder pad you can also see the Destroyer Hive-type chimneys on the actual body of the model.

I had a ton of fun painting these and I have a few more of these same models that I am actually converting right now to add into the force. I would recommend these models to anybody who wants some cool looking oblits and if you don't like the last one, just don't buy it. Hi-Tech offers more of these models now anyway, so check them out.

As always, I would love to hear what you think!


  1. I love those models. I would get some of those for my Chaos army one day!

  2. Yeah they look great! I was iffy on the sculpts, but seeing them painted makes the difference.

    1. I have some issues with them, EoE. On all of them, the shoulder pads have that huge trim that looks press molded and is really chunky. To top it off, the bolts on the trim not only make no sense, but are really really huge for no reason, the would only be for decoration if this model was real because they are not evident under the lip of the trim which they sit on, also, the bolts are the one feature that isn't as crisp as the rest of the model making them look badly painted from certain angles because your mind and eye want to believe they are sharp lines but are not. If it were an issue on one model I would say it was a casting issue, but it is consistent across the three of them.

      The other issue I have is the face and the back fan of the last model. The face and fan look like they are a draft of what should be the final model. The faces across all the rest of Hi Tech's minis are all defined and look great and this one looks silly. Also, the fan is terrible and obviously press molded.

      If I could do it again, I would exchange the head and cover the fan, then shave off all the pads on the bolts.

      I know that sounds like a lot of negative features, but these are small issues in comparison to how awesome the models are as a whole.

    2. Nice review. I can see what you're saying about the bolts. They are kind of silly, but maybe the pads without them look really small so the sculptor added them on to bulk up and match the body aesthetically

      BTW, they look awesome. You've really got this technique down and the color contrast is awesome.

    3. Thanks Chris, you may be right on the pads. With how big they are they may look odd bare. For the kudos, I get three quarters of my ninja paint skills from hanging out in the basement. Also no airbrushes have touched the army of the end times!

  3. Those are terrifying - great work, man!

  4. These are pretty hot. I like how the bright colours shift into the more muted metals.


  5. Snap I too have these for exactly the same reason, far cooler than GW ones.

  6. Seen these models somewhere before... so much nicer than the GW ones in my opinion.

  7. Thanks guys! They were a lot of fun to paint and a bit of a rubiks cube to figure out color wise with my scheme, so I am glad you like them.

  8. These are much better then gw oblits. This is the one thing I miss from 40k. The stand in models and conversion work you can do. Great job Tj these guys look amazing!

  9. Miles better than the original Oblits. 3rd party model/bits producers really help the hobby IMO. Great stuff.