Friday, November 1, 2013

Pure Michigan Player Feature: Harley Mace's Dread Knight

Here is a quick Michigan Player feature oh Harley Mace's Dreadknight conversion.  Between the conversion and paint this model really stood out over the last weekend at Gamer's Gauntlet.

Very Smooth airbrush work on this guy.  Colors are great and finish brush work is done very well too.  

I really like the conversion.  Earlier Jesse and I were talking about how incredibly static the dread knight is and how difficult it is to get a decent conversion.  Well here you go!  The dreadnought body fits great for the torso.  And it keeps those dumb looking shoulder pistons off the model too.  I love it. 

Harley did a great job on this model.  Its a very nice center piece for his GK army.  I look forward to seeing what else he has stashed away in his collection.  If you keep an eye on the Michigan Gaming Group on facebook you might see some of his work or be able to find him to PM if you wanted to.  

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