Friday, November 29, 2013

It came from the Night O Sphere: Deathmark Night Scythe and Despair Crypteks

I blew the dust off my painting desire for the Necrons and finally finished my two night scythes.  These guys got to be the Deathmarks own personal ride.  I figured since I love them so much I have to give them their own rides in my collection.

It really started off between TJ and I because we both decided, using just our weird mind link, that we needed personalized Deathmark saucers.  We were both shooting for the creepiest look.  (we love the deathmark fluff.  'who authorized the use of deathmarks?!?')  I can't really match his End of the World theme he has across his entire collection so I went with paint and sleekness.  Simply filling in the cockpit did the job and gave me a nice sized flat area.  

Millput and sanding gave me a pretty decent seamless fill.

After taht, I painted them black and used the airbrush to spray undiluted blue ink.  This gives the deep black iridescent look.

Actually, before I sprayed the ink, I mixed up a near-black grey and sprayed an old skull face template I made over the flat area.  This above picture is with light over it and a flash so its very difficult to see without really looking, but when you see it....eerie.   (The pictures above this one are also finished with the skull on it, just to get an idea).

When I premiered them to my friends at Ucon, everyone gave me shit about them only being primed black with a little blue light effect.  Then, like Rafiki, I said "look......harder..." and the "ooooohhhhhhhh"s started.

To finish off my Deathmarks I finally made them their own Despair Crypteks.  Not a big conversion, but the paint fits them into the evil, eerie theme I was going for.  Pink collars to contrast and blue glow.  Very easy  but striking paint job.

They are based black and dry brushed with reaper master seriers Blackened Steel.  Its basically black with a little silver to it.

Hope I brought a little evil into your Black Friday.  Watch out of Abyssal Staves while you buy your flatscreen TV!


  1. I love these scythes and Teks. You have to get us a black light photo of them all together. It seems like they would glow.

  2. Good subtle technique, Chris! I hope they glow... that would be awesome!

  3. Ahhh the Columbian Hit Squad. Bane of Seer Councils everywhere. I think the lights in the ballroom at the marriott were to freaking bright. I could barely make out the skulls on the hull.