Saturday, November 30, 2013

It Came From The Forums: Demidov's Eldar and Chaos! Incredible Colors and Freehand!

TJ here with another edition of It Came From The Forums. This time, I want to take a look at an an artist whose work completely blows me away each time I see it. Demidov's intense color and freehand is absolutely amazing and I intent to show you some of this incredible work with his Eldar and Chaos! Let's take a look:

The first time I saw this tank, I passed by because I thought it was a 3D redering, like a peice of digital art from Deviantart or a similar CGI. Then I looked again and could not believe my eyes. This was my entry point to Demidov's work.

From there I ran across this insane Falcon!

There are so many great things going on with this tank; hot, cold, gridlines, flame, darkness and intensity. If I ever owned Eldar, I would want them to look like this.

The fire prism is another example of incredible color theory and freehand put together to make something the likes we have never seen before ....

... it really is beautiful, not just from the perspective of a miniatures enthusiast, it is something even not mini-fans could appreciate.

An old school fire prism.

Another fantastic grav-tank, this one is painted in a very cool and creepy freehand.

I will round out Demidov's vehicles with this DE flyer, another example of his work with contrasting colors.

Tanks aren't his only specialty. Prepare to see some seriously cool MCs!

The base blows me away!

This wraithlord is incredible. It makes me wonder what he could do with a wraithknight!

The first of two great Avatars. Check out the heat!

Look at that face!!

While the last Avatar brought the heat, this one is more of a study in cooled lava rock.

I love the lava effects, similar to how Chuck painted his avatar.

I like the feeling that this avatar has cooled and the intense heat of vengeance is simmering below the gian't rocky skin.

What Eldar army would be complete without a Farseer?

With the Space Elves covered, that must be it right? No, Demidov also has an impressive portfolio in the realm of Chaos, like this impressive Spirit of Fire Daemonnette.

Then there are these 54mm Chaos Space Marines ...

... but the real treat is this Daemon Prince converted from one of my favorite Ultraforge models!

Being a converter, I love looking at the non-Ultraforge parts to see what they are constructed from.

Like the hammer, which is based on the Icarus Lascannon.

Look at the veins!

This is one of the coolest Daemon Princes I have ever seen and certainly gives me some Ideas for the future!

Can you say "best black mace ever!"

Demidov is constantly adding amazing new work to his Dakka Dakka Gallery, so make sure you check it out. If you are a member at Dakka, please make sure you vote on his images and tell him what you think of these incredible models!


  1. I am speechless. I have seen that first wave serpent floating around the web but thought it was a render too. To know that it is painted is just incredible