Friday, November 15, 2013

Completed Soul Grinder Conversion: From Todd McFarlane Toy to Table Top Monster!!

TJ back again! Today, we take a look at my finished Soul Grinder, made from a Todd McFarlane Spawn toy and some good ol' GW parts (and a hell of a lot of Green Stuff and Miliput). This project was a lot of fun and I am glad to see it wrap up so nice. Let's take a look at some pics of the model and discuss it a little bit.

The model's construction started with the Toys in 40k article, in which I explored what it took to take a toy from outside the game and add it into your collection without breaking the overarching themes of the model line. I was honestly a little miffed after seeing some unpainted, untouched toys glued to 40k bases and figured I would finally make this Spawn into something while standing on my soapbox, haha!

The grinder is meant to fit into my Army of the Apocalypse (or End of Days Army or whatever I call it this week). This link will take you to all the posts so far including models from this army concept.

I painted this model using my standard corrupt flesh method and then got to work on the various non flesh colored parts once the flesh was completely finished.

The yellows are based around Tau Sept Ochre, highlighted with Iyanden Darksun and Flash Gits. If anybody knows where to get some of those old Foundation paints, let me know!

The bronze areas are all based on Scorched Brown, then Runelord Brass, washed in Reiksguard flesh and then highlighted again with Runelord Brass. The silver areas are all based black, then painted in Leadbelcher, then sponged with Ironbreaker and Mythril Silver. The sponge method for metal is new to me, but it made for an interesting effect I may try on further models. It is most obvious on this model with the gun barrel and the spikes.

The green areas are something I just kind of played off of the original texture of the model. I saw these rough areas and figured I could either make them bone colored, which ran the danger of just looking boring ... or I could incorporate that green that I have used in previous models and make it look like shoals of poisonous bladders, waiting to discharge in a Baleful Torrent or perhaps Phlem attack.

Being partial to loud colors, I like how it turned out.

The blues are all based on Regal Blue mixed with progressive amounts of Bleached Bone to create a brightening, inner glow effect.

The model is also covered in veins, which I painted after the flesh was done, simply by running a brush with thinned down Leviathan Purple over the veins and then running another brush over select spots with watered down Bloodletter Glaze.

I think it is quite effective on areas like the arms and the neck, where there are large veins and arteries.

The same effect was used around the gums.

I just realized that the night scythe boxes are in the background, haha, after I painted this model, I had to do a little tournament prep!

Here is a close-up of the hard-to-see crotch area and while that sounds hilarious, there are actually a number of details in here to check out!

When everything was said and done, I made some chip weathering by drawing some cracks in the armor with Scorched Brown and highlighting it with Flash Gits.

Once again, I had a lot of fun with this model and the sheer scale of it will be very impressive on the table. I want to get some photos of it with the rest of the army, so you can see it all together. Until then though, I would love to hear what you think of the final project and how it all turned out, so by all means, comments are appreciated!


  1. That is terrifying! Great use of bits and color - I love it!

  2. Some of the best work I've seen in quite awhile, TJ! Well done!

  3. sweet work there TJ keep em coming
    El Reevo

  4. Very nice...I use quite a few McFarlane parts in my own chaos stuff

  5. Thank you all very much for the kind words! I'm already working on something inspired by a tournament this weekend! Think snakes on a plane ... but different.

  6. Turned out Great TJ!! Awesome to see the finished model come together so well!