Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It Came From the Forums: Dark Mechanicus Conversions from GuitaRasmus!

TJ here with an update from a past It Came From the Forums featured artist, this time we will look at GuitaRasmus' Dark Mechanicus conversions. First, GR laid down some great Khorne and Nurgle conversions and paintjobs, which can be found here for those interested, but this post will focus on the Dark AdMech mentioned earlier. He has laid down some serious conversion work to bring this army to the table and we are going to take a look at it here before the first paintbrush touches it!

While the Dark Mechanicus army is themed around chaos space marines, the artist has included some Data Daemons as you can see from the mock up and models above.

Beyond daemons, we have a sick Defiler/ fiend conversion based on the Necron Walker kit.

Then there is this Daemon Prince which I really love, including the gribbly looking head!I am inspired by the use of DE bits with Necron parts here as I have been using a lot of Necron parts in my own CSM army conversions.

These oblits are weapons drones and I think are suitably creepy for some ideas I had in mind for my own End of Days army.

Here is another look at those from the side. The use of the Mauler Fiend neck and the Dark Eldar bits is perfect and I can see some Chaos counts as Tau ideas here!

The Decimator is an awesome model and finds its home here as a forge fiend.

And then there is this absolutely awesome forge fiend!! I love the changes here!

The extra cables and the legs really make this an excellent centerpiece in an army of great centerpiece models.

Now THIS is a Warpsmith! As I move into a series of conversions on DV chosen, I am leaning heavy on inspiration like this!

Let the calendar be marked when we saw a Helbrute used as a Helbrute ... Though only through an incredible conversion like this here. This gives me some ideas!

This is another great Helbrute conversion. I love this "Evil Dr. Seuss" mechanicus theme, but the real star of this model is the driver, so let's take a closer look.

The subtle mix of bits here and how they are used add equal parts menace and mechanical logic.

This is the model he will be using as his biker lord, which is a pretty awesome conversion with parts from models across both fantasy and 40k and has a really great dark mech vibe!

Here is a look at it from the side.

Here it is with some other counts as bikes. I think they look great. I especially like the inner wheels from the isle of blood skaven. These are some truly unique and memorable mono wheels.

Here is a Mauler fiend that stands upright and has been formed from a selection of bits combined with the Forge World Blood Slaughterer model, which looks really cool and certainly beats out the Dino-bot original model hands down.

Here are the Preatorians, which will be the Dark AdMech equivelent to Plague Marines. I really love these models and am seeking a way to put them in my armies, so I am, of course, a fan of this idea.

Skittari are going to be the Cultists in this army and these are top notch, including a nasty looking champion. I rarely see Cultists with any amount of effort put into them, so these are top-notch in my opinion!

Here is another squad of them, equally as awesome.

These Tyranid Spore Mines have been re-purposed into CHaos spawn and the clever addition of bits has made them into creepy robots with incredible ease. I think I may steal this idea as I have quite a few of these hanging out in my collection.

Finally, I want to close this edition out with this Robo-Squid looking Heldrake! You know me, I love my Heldrake conversions!
For more on how these conversions came together, I have provided THIS LINK to take you to page 50 of his project log on Dakka Dakka, which is where the Dark AdMech gets hot and heavy, though I do recommend that you take a look through the whole log and see just how much great stuff this artist has created. He is also still working on this project, so drop some wrods of encouragement there and by all means let us know what you think here!


  1. Wish I had the ability and the balls to hack up that many expensive FW and regular GW kits

  2. This is breathtaking. And proves that although some of these kits may look a bit weird put together as
    They're supposed to they're still a great source of well sculpted, very thematic, bitz...

  3. Holy Jesus Christ in a Handbasket!!! Mind blown, ideas spinning around..

    These are amazing and inspirational. Love them!

  4. Big budget + talent = amazing!
    Thanks for sharing these.

  5. Man, this minis are insane!!.

    And the hellbrute is one of the most amazing minis I´ve ever seen.

  6. What everyone else has said. I have no words.

  7. Thanks you very much TJ, for the kind words and another great feature of my work - I'm flatterede by your comments. :)

    Regarding the cost of the project (which somehow always seems to be brought up), it really isn't as expensive as some might think. All in all, I think I've spent about 6-700$ on this army, which isn't really much more expensive than many armies in my local gaming group. Besides, I would much rather have an army looking EXACTLY like I want it to, rather than have 3-5 different armies.

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. :)

  8. Fantastic stuff. I could look at an army like yours for days on end getting inspiration and marvelling at the ingenious use of some of the plastic kits. Any chance of some paint?

  9. Awesome job you did there!!
    Could you please tell me what legs you were using on your incredible Maulerfiend conversion? Thanks!!