Sunday, August 18, 2013

Round Three Results of local RTT, Better Summary of Event

TJ here and with the tourney over, I figured I would do the due diligence of actually giving you some details. Eriochrome pointed out that despite my gaming and hobby skills not being so rusty, three months away have rusted up my blog-fu a little.
The tourney was a local event at Gamers' Haven in Greenville, NC, which is a store I have played quite a few tournaments at. The tourney was an 1850 point, book mission tourney with a win/ loss format (any draw settled by the in game victory points from objectives or whatever the mission calls for). My final match was against Space Wolves. The wolves were kitted out well for the post Tau environment (not a lot of anti-air, because tau scared away all the fliers and T-Wolves to quickly close with the weak troops of today's meta). Overall, I brought a list I have been bringing since about February, which involves a heavy air force and is summerised below.

Basically the wolves rushed forward with T-wolves backed by Grey Hunters in Rhinos. I caught the T-Wolves (and their lord) with the zombies and weathered the storm. By the end of turn two I had lost 26/30 zombies in my big blob, but held the wolves in place, which allowed the Destroyer Lord to come in, mind shackle the Wolf Lord in a challenge and kill him, while the wraiths "out-thunderwolved" the thunder wolves. After that, two Heldrakes and two Night Scythes came on and started cleaning up wolves and tanks respectively and when the game ended, I held all three objectives, had all three secondaries and took home 1st place in the tournament. 

As far as the tourney goes, it was a lot of fun, my best game was the first game against the Tau because it was VERY close and honestly one dice roll could have allowed him to contest me and win with first blood ... or his rail heads could have downed my drakes easily, but for some reason, the only invuls my drakes made were against the solid shots. One roll would have reversed our placement in the torunament completely because it was one zombie that denied his spacing to land within range of my objective. That is how close that game was and that is what I came out to play! All in all though, my opponents were great dudes and the Wolf player is super local, so I may have found somebody to actually play a pick up game with.

with that said, I think the Tau also showed me that my list is a little unoptimized for the meta and I really got lucky to have beaten them even with some solid play. Here is the list that was (roughly)

30 zombies
10 zombies
12 zombies
Heldrake with bale flamer
Heldrake with Baleflamer
one Nurgle Oblit
Aegis with comm relay
Destroyer Lord
6x Wraiths (3 w/ whips)
Night Scythe w/ Guass Immortals
Night Scythe w/ Warriors
Ann Barge

I think in the future I am going to take some plague Marines in my list and maybe swap who is the ally and who is the main. I'm trying to find a sweet spot and I think it is totally possible. Until then, I will continue to convert some great models.


  1. I would look into dropping the single Obliterator and Picking up another Annihilation Barge.

  2. That doesn't work in this list for a couple of reasons, Allied detachment rules being the most basic, but the single oblit does offer a tool that I need in this particular list, but since this list will pretty much be put down for something entirely different, there isn't much use in discussing it (that and I suspect this may be a one off comment, so ...).

    I think future iterations of the Chaos/ Necron combo, if I choose to keep it up may look more like a Necron main body with chaos support, but I am also still digesting the Black Legion suplement, so we will see.

  3. Total brain shutdown on my part. Rules are pretty important...

    Normally I try to cram in as many Annihilation Barges as possible because they are just so good for the points.