Thursday, August 22, 2013

Painted Plague Bearers on Maggot Bases!

TJ here with a little side project I worked on while I waited for washes to dry ect on the tentacle monster I finished recently. The Plastic plague bearer kit is one I have been meaning to work with for some time and I managed to pick some up with a little tournament prize support a few months ago. The kit is awesome and even though the models are built, you will find some nasty conversions down the road from me thanks to the kit, but that is another story, we are here today to talk about the naked, little, fat, rotten guys and the worms they stand upon!

These guys are a great and while a lot of people thought they were aweful when they came out, these are certainly better plague bearer models than GW has ever offered before.

I for one am a huge fan of all the hidden details in the models, such as the mouths in some bellies or the hidden Nurgling in the guts and all of the pustules and little breaks in the skin ect. It makes for great painting and lets you appreciate what CAD design is capable of when not done lazily (looking at you, Maulerfiend). 

Another great thing about these models is the various textures you have to work with. I found areas for drybrushing, blending on surfaces ranging from bone to eyeballs to cankers and torn flesh.

I painted these guys using my own corrupted flesh technique and had a little extra fun with the GW glazes and shades to add a little color variation. 

"I hate to see them go, but I love to watch them walk away" 

Before I leave on that gross note, I would love to hear what you think, so don't be scared, let hear what you think of these bre naked plague bearers!

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