Friday, August 30, 2013

It Came From The Forums: Insane Slaanesh Conversions from Nerdfest09!!

TJ here and this week features the sickest Slaaneshi themed Chaos Marines I have ever seen! Of course, I am talking about Nerdfest09 and his work on Dakka Dakka!  

The first model up is the Slaaneshi Helsak, his take on the Heldrake, which features a drake spun backward and kitbashed with a Tervigon's belly and some Plaguedrone parts.

The conversion work is very tight and looks as though the model came out of the box this way. The paintjob however is just incredible, the pinks and purples and the full range of each just go so well with the dirtied alabaster of the shell, along with the glowing vents and freehand.

The flow of the whole model and the bizarre shape are awesome and totally unique, reminding me of some of the more bizarre influences of horror and sci fi. this is easily one of my favorite takes on the drake and I would love to see it on a table.

It doesn't stop there though, the Slaaneshi lord here is outrageous, the pinks and purples again are awesome, but the subtle conversions, mixed with nice little details like the zebra tabbard make the model pop at a distance ...

While the incredible detail work on the head and face set you up for the one-two punch upon close inspection.

Next up is the mauler fiend. This one is covered with tentacles and puckered orifices, perfect for a hellish Slaaneshi version of the beast!

The freehand work is just out of control on this model and all the subtle blending across the model makes every contrast pop.

The daemon prince here is another great kit bash and a showcase on freehand paint. I am a big fan of tattoos on models when they are done correctly.

The best part about this though, is that Nerdfest is currently working on this army, so if you follow the link at the bottom of this post, you can go and see and even comment on new projects like ...

... These oblits from the Hi-Tech Miniatures range.

Chaos isn't the only thing he has done though, take a look at the link below and you will find a ton of projects like these wolves above. I have no doubt you will be impressed with what you find!


  1. love the veins, I wish I could do them that well.

  2. Great painting/conversions. HOWEVA...the only thing that suggests they are Slannesh are the purple/pink shades. There's nothing (forgive the term) 'PERVERTED' about them or graphcially over the top. Painted green and brown they would just as well serve as nurgle. Yes, they DO need such things to really qualify as noticably slannesh. But well painted, I would reinterate. (Yes, everyone is an art critic).

    1. What are you talking about? The Lord there is rocking a zebra pattern loin cloth. You know he's about to lay down some freeky-deeky. Plus, the rest of them look like a bad acid trip. :P

  3. The paint looks excellent. I wish I could blend colors like that half as well.