Sunday, June 30, 2013

Infinity: Painted Sgt Duroc

 Hello Everyone Chuck here with a quick update on what I have been painting lately.  I present to you your friendly parachuting special forces werewolf Sgt Duroc!  Infinity has been growing steadily at my local FLGS DropZone Games and is quickly becoming my favorite small model count game.  The model line is absolutely gorgeous and the rules although a bit complex at times make for a more RPG oriented experience.

The Manga style of the games artwork has lead to me developing and experimenting with new painting
techniques and styles.  The small model count also means treating each model like I would a display piece or independent character from Warhammer.
I had to really work on my blending skills and started using a wet palette which I quickly fell in love with.

 I opted for harsher blending in areas of synthetics like the back pack arm guards and blade while using softer blending on things that are more organic like skin and hair.
 The blade was very challenging as I have very little experience with Non Metal Metallic and I do not want to use any metallic paints for infinity.
 I referenced the Studio art from Infinity as they have a very distinct style for their metallics and did my best to imitate it while developing something I was happy with.
 The base consists of filling the area around the rock with standard sand mix and static grass as the model actually comes with that huge rock he's landing on which is a really nice touch.
 Lastly heres a shot of Sgt Duroc with the rest of my Team and up next to be painted is his companion Margot.
Thanks for reading and let me know what you think!

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