Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Gift - 2

Fly Molo back with an update.
After much contemplation and consideration, I have decided on the theme and format of this donation.

I am assembling a 1850 point Chaos Space Marines / Chaos Daemons army to be raffled off at the Michigan Grand Tournament in Lansing coming up on September 29th. I plan on making the army list and soliciting realtors and other gamers for the exact models. I will assemble and paint the army and I will sell raffle tickets at $2 a piece online and during the event. I'll draw a single winner from all of the tickets.

I am also accepting completed miniatures/units and such from local hobbyists and gamers. If you feel like spending some time and effort to create a nice model or unit that you think someone would love to win, and you think it would inspire more people to buy tickets, let me know and get it to me before the GT. They'll be on display (so make some good stuff!)! Those will be raffled off individually before the big raffle drawing, along with other miscellaneous retailer stuff.

I am also accepting monetary donations that I will use to purchase whatever isn't donated by retailers to create the army.

I plan on putting a lot of sweat-equity into this project and I want to make it WONDERFUL in order to procure the most money to donate. I will gladly accept help in any area that you think you could help with. One obvious way to help would be to offer up help with airbrushing. I have one but am amateur with it at best. Other ways include offering awesome tips, suggestions and recommendations that would guide this project in a good direction.

Again all proceeds are going to the Allen Neighborhood Center in Lansing Michigan. I want to support local organic food, community building and sustainability. I want to help more people do good in the world, starting with their neighbors first.

So the needs list so far:

Resin bases
Army bag/case
Tape Measure

The models list will be fleshed out as I come to a more cohesive list. I want to focus on fluff. I want to produce the army that people would love to have but never have the time/focus to produce. Chaos seems natural for me because there is SO much variety and you can really do an army well.
My initial thoughts, something like:

Daemon Prince of Tzeentch
Chaos Sorcerer in Terminator Armor
Thousand Sons Squad with a Rhino
Thousand Sons Squad with a Rhino
Thousand Sons Helbrute (Forgeworld?)
Tzeentch Soul Grinder
Pink Horrors
Pink Horrors
Chaos Predator
Screamers of Tzeentch

I think something like this would come out looking really sharp on the table top. I know I've always yearned to have an army like that, not so much to play, but just to HAVE, you know?

Or I could come at it with more of a hodge-podge approach and make a Huron Blackheart type warband, using all sorts of Chaos units.

Or all Nurgle and Death Guard. I have a lot of experience with color schemes here but I feel that if you've seen my stuff already, maybe reading a blog about me creating my same army again might get a little bland.

What do you guys think? I want to get my basic list hammered down early so I can start searching for donations. Again, I am totally open for suggestions. I am going to post this up on Dakka Dakka, the DFG Facebook page, the Warhammer 40k Facebook page and of course on here. I want to get some suggestions on what to build. Have at it!!!


  1. I can donate some pewter oblits. They'll likely have to be simple greened. I also have two 'old school' rhinos that could be simple greened as well.

    Email me at mugginns AT gmail dot COM and we can arrange it. I work on the west side of Lansing.

    1. Deal! I'll email you shortly. Tomorrow would work out great!