Thursday, April 4, 2013

Update from the Desk: Infinity Ariadna

Hello everyone Chuck here with the first post in a series that will hopefully make me a more active poster.  "Update from the Desk" will be quick frequent posts containing pictures and comments on what I am working on currently or just something I wanted to share.  I do own a nice light box for taking photos but I have to set it up every time I wish to share something so for these quickies my phone will have to do.  Eventually I wish to set up a gallery for all of my completed works from single miniatures to whole armies.  This update showcases a few Infinity miniatures from the faction Ariadna that I completed a little while back and is a small part of a much larger force. 

Those of you who are wondering what is Infinity I recommend checking it out at Infinitythegame.  The large range of minis has something for everyone and draws upon many different genres.  The current range is entirely metal but has to be some of the most impressive metal minis I have ever handled quality wise.  The game itself is a fast paced deep strategy skirmish game and the rules are available in digital format for free.
Ariadna is a low tech faction and as such I went with a color palette similar to what you would see in the present day military.  There are some exceptions however like the Cateran sniper above who being a Scot is rocking a kilt and bare arms so I gave him a bit of flair color wise.
 A interesting note with the two dynamic based minis is that the mini actually came with its dynamic base and required very little green stuff gap wise which impressed me since the whole thing is metal.  I have really enjoyed getting my toes wet with infinity so far and I hope you enjoyed this update.


  1. I love these. I recently checked out Infinity on youtube, and thought it had an interesting concept. I'm currently working on my own tabletop game, and there are things I want in my rules that set it apart from others, but also take a note or two from what I like of other games.

    Though I think the command, or is it action, point system is good, I wouldn't really want to incorporate that part. But if my memory serves me correctly, when an enemy attacks you, you have the opportunity to attack back? Is that right? So I've got a counterstrike action in my own game rules, as I think it's pretty true, if you survived an attack from an opponent, you would immediately try and strike back wouldn't you?

    Oh, sorry about the ramblings. So, I really like how you've painted these guys. Very nice.

    Care to take a moment to check out my recently painted figure? It won't live up to yours, but still :) Link here. Nathan's Fiction Sphere

    I'm also thinking of a monthly post where people email me a picture of a model, or models, that they've painted in that month and are most pleased and happy with, and I display them, with names, and thoughts from the owner, as well as a link to their blog. What do you think? Would you be interested?

  2. The command action and reaction system is a major part of infinity and really makes the game fluid and deadly. Every action you take can be reacted to by an enemy wether its shooting at you when you move or shooting back when you shoot and yes it is possible that you kill eachother at the same time. This leads to a deep decision making system and one I really enjoy.

    1. Yeah, that's what I want my game rules to allow. More easy flowing, action at almost every turn kind of thing, where you really have to think about how you use your miniatures, whether it's a small skirmish, siege, or open war. I don't like the limited amount of actions in total. I prefer being able to move every model and attack with every model in that one turn.

  3. I checked out your model by the way and gave some tips that I hope are helpful. As far as the posting of gathered painted models we use to do that on here to promote people's blogs and work. I will warn that it is alot to keep up with.