Thursday, April 4, 2013

From Chuck's Desk: Easy Yellow Tutorial

 Hello everyone after my last post Nathan Watt from Nathan's Fiction Sphere asked me to take a look at some models he had recently worked on.  Nathan was trying to tackle the color yellow which for a lot of painters including myself was always a serious pain.  A little while ago I was working on these Malifaux minis and discovered a quick effective way to paint rich looking yellows.  I explained the method to Nathan last night but pictures always help so here are some pics of the finished product and some simple directions on how its done.

 I start off with Iyandan Darksun thinned or Averland sunset which is Iyandans replacement color over a light grey base coat.  I then wash with Casandora Yellow pretty heavily which creates a nice deep yellow orange effect over the entire area.
The same yellow you used prior to wash is then used in very thin layers to cover any unwanted stains from the wash and slowly blend the area up to a lighter shade. Finally I used the next shade up of citadel paints which was golden yellow and is now Yriel Yellow to pick out edges and raised areas.

So thats it pretty simple with minimal steps and I am sure you could add in some steps to create an even richer effect.  I hope that helps you out Nathan and if anyone else has tips for Nathan check out his blog Nathan's Fiction Sphere.


  1. Chuck- Your stuff is looking sexy! You beast!

  2. Thanks cant wait to get some games in when you get here! Hurry up damn it!

  3. I know I know! I'm working on my time accelerator but I don't think it'll be done until the 12th.

  4. Lol, Chris's comment made me laugh. Thanks for this post Chuck, appreciate it. Is Iyandan Darksun a foundation yellow. I feel like I have a pot of it from the first starter painting set I bought ages ago. It's what I used after basecoating my miniature white, as I wanted the darkest yellow I had to be the first layer of yellow to work on.

    I'm guessing it is the one I'm thinking, as you've said it's now been changed to a new name. I like how you give both the old name and new name. It helps those who have yet to move on from the old paints and are looking to delve into the new. All of the paints, though they may closely match the old paints, aren't entirely the same now.

    I was talking to a staff member, I wanted to know why they'd changed, and he said it was basically because the company they use to use wanted to bump up the prices, meaning an even higher price for customers, so they decided it would be cheaper to make their own.

    Very helpful post, Chuck. Thanks once again :)

  5. Murder Mitten Mafia, Muskegon Michigan, represent! (Where the paints are manufactured...I was told)