Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It Came from the GT!? Incredible Thousand Sons Cavalry!

One of the things I wanted to do when I went to the GT at Dropzone Games (and well any event I go to), was to cover some of the great, painted armies that people brought to the event. There were several great armies on hand (and the Best Painted will get a post of its own soon), but Dameon Green's army from Khepri's Eternal Legion really blew me away. First off, the display was really nice, but once you look at the army, you start to see some really exciting stuff. Let's take a closer look:

So, right up front, this is a counts as army, but this is counts-as done right. The army was designed to represent the Space Marine Codex with Dark Angel allies rules-wise, while aesthetically, it represents the Thousand Sons with a very Egyptian theme.

The bike squads were made using the Chaos Knight kits from fantasy, heavily converted through GS filling, scraping and card work to resemble a more Egyptian style of armor. The Thousand Sons themselves are also a kitbash with plenty of small details in the paint and the conversions to really set the theme. Note that they all have a very cool looking storm bolter to represent the twin linked bolters on the bike. The attack bike is a Juggernaught that has been modified to be more of a cybernetic cohort.

The army is led by the Khan, who is represented here by a very converted Archean model complete with a cybernetic leg on the horse, a great spear and an Anubis style helmet.

Next up is the Librarian, which has one awesome third party helmet! The armor, paint job and everything come together so well and to me, this is an even cooler model than the Khan and possibly my favorite in the whole army.

The storm here is standing in for the Shroud that Dameon is currently converting for the army. One of the things I love about this vehicle is that he wasn't afraid to make it a separate color, which I think is a missed opportunity in a lot of 40k armies. It adds to the overall scheme of the army and allows the artist to find new ways to work with the colors.

The dreads in this army are great. Take a close look at the arms - those are sculpted in hieroglyphics!

Just take a good look at these bikes again and all the banners and detail down to the chapter symbols.

Another dread ...

and a third one - with a little rivalry added to the base!

Another thing I like about this army is the use of the Thunderfire Cannon, both as a player (the thunderfire is sick, just field one and see!) and as an admirer. The cannon are made from old tomb spiders, covered in a shroud and mounted with huge guns. The tech marines are also just an excellent kitbash of some of my favorite models in the game. He has one made from parts of an old Warsmith model, one from an Iron Hands Iron Father and I believe the last one may have been a straight tech marine. Also, in this pic, check out the guys with the plasma dragon head for an arm (which comes from an older Chaos Terminator Lord model), each of these guys is a plasma cannon devastator! I think this is a really great conversion and the sheer amount of rare bits alone makes me lose my mind.

The leader of the dev squad has a sick spear and torso. I think he would make a great libby too.

Here is a better shot. Dameon, can you just paint all my power weapons from now on? Seriously?

One last shot of that group ...

One of the other things that really excited me, was the fact that the bike squads' bases all tied together, just check it out.

Here is the other squad ...

and finally, the display board itself Incorporated some expensive parts and even lit up. Overall, I would say Dameon knows how to put on a hell of a show with his army both on the table and on display. For more on his work and just what he is up to lately, check out Khepri's Eternal Legion.

That's enough of me bumping my keyboard on this army though, what do you think of this incredible work?


  1. I am blown away! That's really a great army, I love that he painted things different colors. It's inspring me to revisit and finish my own PreHeresy Thousand Sons. Great job!

  2. um, ok - these are well done and all. but why the f*ck are they on horses m8?

    1. Seriously? Because it looks cool I would think is the first answer M8.

    2. I use the same horses for my Death Guard. I figure their bikes rusted out, and now they are using daemonic mounts ;)

  3. Those are thoroughly cool! Being a huge KSons fan, I always love seeing other people's takes on them. The sculpted hieroglyphs on the dreads are particularly inspired. Thanks for sharing the pics!

  4. I had a friend Text me super excited I made it on the Dark Future blogosphere!

    Thanks for the Plug TJ, and glad you enjoyed my army!

    1) Because the Chaos Knight horses are awesome!
    2) It's a Mid/Post Heresy Army (Loyalist)scraping by with what they can capture and find, see next point
    3) To me atleast it's VERY clear from the HH series the Imperium of man used to take advantage of local creatures and Xeno's tech to execute a successful campaign! Find a breed of horses from a heavy Grav world with a good consitution? Ok induct them!