Friday, March 29, 2013

Chucks Space Viking Bits Box Army

Hello Everyone Chuck here AKA Wolfson with a quick photo dump of some things I have been working on lately.   I usually post about Eldar of the dark and light variety but TJ has been talking to me lately about building an army entirely out of my bitz box!  I mostly own eldar and dark eldar bitz but I am an avid fantasy player and have owned a few large armies over the years and will be pulling from the full range of chaos bitz including beastman as well as some vampire counts and dwarven stuff.  I also have some space wolf stuff just collecting dust and was recently given some more space wolf stuff when we were running the idea for this army by a friend of mine in MD. (Thanks Pete!)
Well lets take a look shall we!

 So I know most of you are thinking why space vikings and not just say space wolves and honestly yeah I will more than likely run these guys as wolves.  The thing I really wish to do is not only make every single model a conversion but really push the viking mythology side of the house along with just making cool looking models with a lot of character Viking, Space Wolf, Techno Viking whatever its all good!

 Spears more practical than bolter? probably not but hey it sure looks awesome!
These two strange looking fellows rocking nothing but thier power armored pants are inspired by the lore surrounding Sven Bloodhowls great company of tattooed fire breathing maniacs and will represent a marine armed with flamer when I field them.  Some more green stuff work and a nice paint job will be needed to make these guys convincing but I am enjoying the over the top look so far.
Bad touch hand here is one of my mark of the Wulfen marines and I like to think hes mid transformation.  The other mark of the Wulfen marine is the loony with two massive axes at the beginning of the post.  Think berzerkergang! 
Pretty standard plasma gunner cool helm though.
This army will feature a ton of banners of different shapes and styles and will certainly give me a lot of free hand practice.

Here is a group shot of all the loonies so far.  I have really enjoyed making everyone of these so far and its great practice for me green stuff wise.  I know its no hell worm but hey gotta start somewhere.

 This last thing is a hint to what i have been working on for the past few months and I hope to post up all the work I have completed on two major projects here soon!


  1. I must say, these are really a good platform to show your creativity. You've done well. Im looking forwards to seeing them finished and painted. The Eldar looks brilliant

  2. That source lighting looks awesome in the elder.

    The space Vikings look fun. Keep it up!

  3. Great post! All of the inspiration is extremely useful, since I am currently building my own squad of rather sinister wolves to use them as allies in my World Eaters force. So accept my apologies for probably stealing all of your ideas ;-)

  4. Thanks for the complements guys and steal all of the ideas if you want. I am sure you can execute some them much better than I can so I cant wait to see them!

  5. Just got linked to this post. My wolves since I started playing again are looking surprisingly similar. Great minds and all that :)

    If you have any more MoW guys to do I'd reccomend grabbing some wolf heads from the Privateer Skinwalkers, I have been using them and Beastman arms (cause theyre hairy and have axes) to good effect.