Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Twist on Typhus Using the Plastic Nurgle Lord WIP #1

So, lately I have been mixing my Necrons with my Chaos and have been having some fun with it, which has led to some amusing ideas on the hobby front. You see, I like allies. I like Allies a lot, but I would like to see some really cool themes come out of it rather than "Cadian force + Chaos Marines, ect". That being said, I am still not settled on whether or not I want to Field a pure Necron force at the Dropzone Games GT this weekend or if I want to bring the Chraons (Chaos + Crons). If I do run a mix, I want to exchange some aesthetics across the range of the army, just because it would be cool and also because I really want to make this model. Let's take a look at the initial changes I have made so far.

So in the photo above, you can see I made some minor adjustments. First off is the head, which was replaced by this lamp piece that comes from the Necron Wraith set. I really liked Eye of Error's Diver Deep and thought if I could find an opportunity to give a guy a creepy glass dome for a face, I would do it.

Next is the obvious Necron Wraith faceplate on the shoulder, which will get chewed up a little to reflect the other shoulder pad and of course it will gain some green stuff straps.

The strap will come around the back and connect to the other one and I will likely GS some bulged flesh around it as well to make it all look right. I am debating whether or not I want to run a Necron Spine pole up his back with the fly icon from the Plague Bearer box on it or not. I feel like it may be too busy.

The base is some random base I got from a guy called Captain Obvious, who got it from CVinton, who got it from a guy at Adepticon ... so I have no idea where to get more, but it has some skulls on it. It also had a really badly sculpted texture on it, so I just went ahead and added some sand to those areas to cover the bad sculpt.

If you look at the head, there will be some sculpted skin and folds added up there to make it all come together there.

Finally, the scythe. believe it or not, I literally too a sharp knife and cut the original axe the model had, turned it sideways and glued it back on! I will smooth it out with some Green Stuff later. In any case, there is some more work to do, but I think it will make a cool model and I really don't care that he doesn't have terminator armor nor do I think my opponents will.

Paint-wise, I want to give it that pale yellowish green you see on my other Death Guard with some eery glowing effects from the shoulder and the "eye." I think there are paths in the color scheme and other painting aspect to tie the forces together.

That's it for now, with a GT coming up, the travel associated with it and a ton of modelling and painting happening before we pick up dice, this should be a good weekend. I will have much to talk about before, during and after all is said in done. In any case, I really look forward to hanging out in Drop Zone. If anybody is in the area and wants to hang out in the hobby area on Friday, I will literally b there all day building and painting models!

As always, I love to hear feedback and suggestions. Fire away!


  1. Hey TJ!

    I think it's a big time lost opportunity not making Allies fit a theme, or at least have pieces to tie in the army. Myself I have a Death Guard/Renegade Guard/Daemons that will all tie in as well. It's going to make for a fun Apoc army!

    I love what you did with this, especially the scythe. I think Nurgle and Necrons go really well together, trudging down the field laying down fire getting shot down...and then getting back up. I have some Necrons I'm working on too, and I'm going to tie them in to my Pre Heresy Thousand Sons. I guess more for the Aesthetic than anything else.

    1. Nice,going for the Egyptian theme then? I like it. With my Crons already pretty much done and painted in their yellow glory and much of my Chaos already done, I figured I could start to build into a theme of coalition, where perhaps, in the search for bodies to biotransfer into, the Necrons have started to preserve some smaller races and build short term alliances with others. Imagine smaller, lesser known races giving the opportunity to field allied contigients and stuff like that. In this case though, I can imagine this Typhus as a Necron Lord who has accpeted biotranserence (limited, hence the robot parts) into a being that has been infected with the Destroyer hive. On the necron perspective, he is experimenting with a body that is both durable and powerful that gives him access to new powers, senses and of course, zombies, which could hold another appeal to Necron Commanders. From a Chaos perspective, while the Necrons have technology that at times, is anethema to the Warp, there is more than one way to spread the influence and will of the Dark Gods and exploiting these newly risen and powerful xenos, is certainly one way to do it!

  2. That looks boss. Whose to say what corrupted terminator armour looks like anyway?

    1. I like to think that he is just tough as hell!

  3. I've always been envious of the ease with which you pull off conversions like this that would make most people have fits yet you do so easily. Sweet looking model dude

  4. Biter

    But seriously. Thing looks like a good start. Keep it coming. I've always wanted to do something with this model, I'm glad you found a something to do with him! I'm at a loss on how to make cultist zombie robots...without them just being warriors. Maybe I'll cast a flayed ones...finally someone will use those models.