Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A New Blog of Note: GB&B Covers More Than Just 40k!

Well guys, for those of you who wondered where the winds of the Internet would blow the former authors of Dark Future Games, let me turn you onto a new blog headed by Lord Solar Steve and Dreadbeard (formerly known as Samsquantch Monster). Don't take it from me though, here is the info directly from Lord Solar Steve:

Well guys, As TJ here has decided to take a more personal view into the hobby world and decided to reformat, this is my goodbye as an author on DFG. However that does not mean my blogging days are over and never fear that my mud covered Death Korps of Krieg are thrown down by the wayside. In fact my blogging will be expanding.

As I have discussed in the past I am a man of many hobbies in the gaming world. I play all sorts of different things. So, with that in mind I, along with my friend Dreadbeard, decided to start our own blog called Gaming, Beer and Bullshit ( I hope a number of you will join us as we talk about all sorts of different aspects of the gaming world, from computer games, board games, CCGs and of course 40k! From interviews, to hobby updates and game reviews. So, check us out, add us and follow. We hope to see and talk to you there!

Until next time, burn some heretics, kill some mutants, and do it always.....

Check them out guys. One of the things I always wrestled with was the fact that most of our authors had tons of other hobbies (RIFTS, Dark Crusade, Rogue Trader, Magic, video games, Munchkin ect) and I just wasn't sure if, as a blog, DFG could venture into all those things. I am glad to see that they are going to talk about their passions in a new blog and that they are getting to business so quickly. I'm proud of these guys and I recommend you check it out if games are your thing!


  1. Don't forget our passion about the various types of booze!

  2. How could I forget ... or rather, how could I remember that? I remember so few of the good times!