Saturday, February 23, 2013

The 40k Friendly at Adepticon: List Ideas

This year, instead of trying to scramble together a team for the Team Tournament at Adepticon, SAMSQUANCH MONSTER and I have decided to both enter the 40k Friendly!

With this comes a different set of challenges, first and foremost, with the advent of 6th edition, I actually have to build my Vendettas (what they have only been new in box for a year and a half...) and some other nice things to round out the 1500 points of my list. That's right... instead of the 1850 we have been playing at we have to scale back down to 1500... In fact with how 6th edition is, its not just a scale back to me. It is a whole rethinking of the list.

With this in mind I thought I would start testing a list that I came up with earlier this week. I don't mind feedback on it from my fellows on the net so here we go!

HQ: Primaris Psyker
Troop: Vet. Squad w/3x Plasma Gun and Chimera
Troop: Vet. Squad w/3x Melta Gun and Chimera
Troop: Vet Squad w/3x Flamer and Chimera
Fast: Vendetta
Fast: Banewolf w/Multi-Melta
Fast: Banewolf w/Multi-Melta
Heavy: Death Strike Missile
Heavy: Leman Russ Exterminator w/side sponson Heavy Bolters and Knight Commander Pask
Heavy: Leman Russ Eradicator 

I am 5 points short of the max with this list as it is... so i can squeeze in something somewhere but I will have to think about it. 

People may wonder about the heavy choices I am making, so let me explain a little. 

1. DSM is a fun thing to take, both in its randomness and the fact it can cause so much destruction. I really enjoy it just for fun more than anything else. It is mainly taken because this is indeed the friendly

2. Leman Russ Eradicator: being a STR 6 AP 4  large blast may seem underwhelming... however the fact that you cannot take cover saves from this makes up for it. This will be effective against Tau, Orks, Dark Eldar, and Imperial Guard. And can still mess up some lighter vehicles while still inflicting a lot of saves on marine type units.

3. Leman Russ Exterminator with SS Heavy Bolters and K.C. Pask: So.... 4 twin linked shots at Str 7 is ok against vehicles... but when i can make them STR 8 its WAY better. Plus the twin linked at BS 4 gives me a much higher chance of hitting (plus the str 8 against flyers can be nice if i do roll a 6, which is not a terrible chance btw) along with 9 str 5 shots (or 6 against vehicles) from the heavy bolters. This thing will mess people up.

So, now its on to testing the list a bit and finish constructing it.... wee!

What do you all think? Scary List or no?

Also, if you readers have any other topic you would like me to cover in a post (I recommend Imperial Guard questions but hell I will give any subject a shot as long as it pertains to wargaming) shoot me an email at

Until next time, burn some heretics, kill some mutants, and do it always.....



  1. the list doesnt seem very friendly

    1. Well it would be less friendly if the Eradicator was replaced with a Collossus mortar.

    2. How is this list not friendly? I am only taking one vendetta, and i am taking a deathstrike missile launcher, widely considered the biggest waste of points in the imperial guard codex

    3. 1500 points , 9 vehicles. vet squads for the cheapest way to get the most special weapons/chimera in troops section. cheapest HQ choice besides a naked command squad. would think that ratlings, rough riders, scout sentinels maybe ogryns would be worse of a waste of points than the DSM. 3 fast attack choices, 3 heavy supports, no elite. seems close to a scaled down 1850 for an "normal tourney"

    4. I am pretty sure the idea is to have fun, but not be a dick or bring a worthless list, also Ratlings are actually a REALLY good choice sniper rifles are REALLY good. My list is well balanced, my HQ choice is the only one I can actually use the new psyker rules in 6th edition with, plus i really like the unit, it has nothing to do with points costs, its just fun to play.

      I am imperial guard so its either a crap ton of bodies or a crap ton of vehicles, besides the fact that "vehicles are dead" in 6th chant that people still talk about.

      Also I have never seen since the codex came out ANYONE take the Eradicator in a serious tournament, nor since the first months of the codex has anyone taken the Exterminator.

      Also if you know me, or follow this blog and have read my posts, you know I -love- scout sentinels, they make an appearance in nearly all of my 1850 tournament lists.

      My list also has 13 kill points, that is quite a few for 1500.

      Secondly, why post as anonymous? To post like that is really... well dumb. It makes you seem just like a troll instead of someone actually commenting who has a read opinion.

    5. my bad. my name is Mike Nogle. i am a member of Beef and Wing gaming club from Buffalo. i will be at Adepticon for my 8th time this year. sorry, i dont have any of those accounts the blog wants me to log in i did bookmark this page so that i could respond and didnt just put out a comment and run away. Ive been playing for almost 20 years and ive watched tournies go from bringing whatever models caught your fancy and ended up in your collections to an army bought expecially for the tourney. I thought the friendly was supposed to be weaker fluffy lists. To me it just looked like a list i would run accross in the championships on Thursday. maybe im just looking at it wrong or have my own preconcieved notions on what a friendly tourney/list is. We have a new member in our club that just picked up 40k at the age of 34. i wouldnt play that list againgst him.

    6. Mike, its nice to meet you, and we are glad for your readership. You should really sign up for a gmail account, they are free and easy and it helps you follow other blogs like ours which encourages those people to know they are actually reaching some readers.

      Now onto the comments, according to the "rules" for the friendly it is supposed to have it so "players are encouraged to bring flavorful, thematic,
      and/or hobby-inspired lists that reflect the rich background of the Warhammer 40,000 universe"

      I am at least, hoping my list reflects some of that. Its theme is a mobile infantry unit, as well as it being a hobby project of mine. This list will contain 30 infantry models that are forgeworld, 2 forgeworld banewolves, a forgeworld top for both leman russ models along with my pask model being a forgeworld model as well, also the Deathstrike missile is custom built not from the normal kit.

      Is my list killy and can win? Sure... but I am imperial guard. I guess i could make a list where i take no heavy weapons or special weapons and only ground troops bare boned with nothing on them except their lasguns... but then I wouldnt even be having -fun-

      I want to go to this event, and Mike if you have met us or seen us at Adepticon before, be my normal self and get TRASHED while playing some games of 40k and have a good time.

      I want to be able to put up a good fight, have a good conversation, and drink some alcohol.

      Lastly, on the hobby aspect of this, I am attempting for that flamer vet squad to take away their chimera and add the Hades Breaching Drill, but that its yet another model I would have to finish assembling and then painting so we will see.

  2. I would worry that you might not have enough troops given the number of objective focused missions.

  3. I think it is good and friendly, lots of less used units which will be fun to play against because you don't see them to often. You could maybe trade one bane wolf for a devil dog to worry the power armor that will show up. Pretty weak against air though, so you'll have to hope nobody decides a Necron flyer list is friendly. Oh, and it needs an autocannon sentinel. Always got to have an autocannon sentinel. :)

  4. Seems like a good list. I would like to see a regular infantry squad or two in there. The problem with the Friendly is they don't really define what friendly means.

  5. How do you make the exterminator shots str 8? Also why can't you shoot all 9 shots against vehicles?

    1. Big Poppa, the exterminator shots are str 7 but with pask on the vehicle, as long as he does not move he gets +1 tot he penetration rolls against vehicles so in effect it is str 8.

      I am confused as to your second question however... where did i say I cant shoot the 9 heavy bolter shots against vehicles?

    2. Ah I didn't realize pask had that ability. I thought he was just like chronus but BS 4. Here's the other quote I was confused on "along with 9 str 5 shots (or 6 against vehicles) from the heavy bolters." I thought you meant 6 shots instead of 9 but you were saying str 6 instead of str 5 from pask. It makes sense now :)