Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekly Tips and Tutorials from the DFG Hub!

OST here to catch up on the weekly Tips and Tutorials from the DFG Hub. We haven't done the Hub update over the holidays with all of the family and travel that goes on during that time, but that didn't stop our Hub members from sending in some pretty great links. This week is pretty awesome with links to painting, modelling and even a review (which we are looking for more of BTW) and a super-useful Magnet article! Running this Hub so far has reminded me how much stronger and smarter we are as a community than on our own. If you are interested in getting your links into the Hub, e-mail the to us with the subject line "DFG Links" to Check out this week's links:


Dreadnought Plasma Cannon Conversion by Angels of Death
Amazing Conversion Parts for Space Marines and Terminators by Iron Legion
Super Simple Combi-Melta Conversion by Iron Legion


Magnet Self Help by Iron Legion
Creating A Dual Use Necron Ghost/ Doomsday Ark by Iron Legion
Fixing Drop Pod Doors by Iron Legion
Making Standing Necrons by Iron Legion

Green Stuff

Casting Hands with Green Stuff by Iron Legion


Painting Shipping Containers by Cameron
Painting Kabal of the Black Heart Dark Eldar Video by Eddie
Painting Dark Eldar Wracks Video by Eddie


Modular Industrial Terrain Quick and Easy by KrautScientist
Quick and Easy Barricades by KrautScientist

Hobby Discussion

Why you should build your own Terrain by KrautScientist
Part1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5


Inquisitor Rulebook by KrautScientist

If these don't appear right away into the Hub, never fear, they will be up before the next update to the Hub! Remember to send us your links so our 60K+ readers can find you!

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