Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mortarion, Death Guard Primarch/ Chaos Lord Resin Alternative!

Old School here to talk about what I think is the best Mortarian model created to date - Archfather Mortimer, the Harvester of Sorrows from Hi-Tech Miniatures. I have searched long and hard for a model that could fill the role of Mortarian and the fact of the matter was that without seriously rolling up my sleeves, that model just didn't exist.

This model is as close to a true Daemon Primarch Mortarian as I have seen at an appropriate scale (the model stands 45mm tall) that is available to the masses. The model has a great "Angel of Death" theme with its skull shoulder pads to its robes, gasmask skull kneecap, scythe and plumes. Speaking of plumes, the model is advertised as having "3D Wings." This comes from the fact that the 11 peice model includes a set of wings that is made of 16 individually sculpted feathers. This is a step beyond the usual 3rd party press mold sculpting some company's are known for.

Given the quality of the four other models I own from Hi-Tech Miniatures and the others I have seen in armies across the country, I am certain this model will be a good buy for anybody looking for a Mortarian, Typhus or just a sick Chaos Lord stand in. In fact, I will put my money where my mouth is and order on today. Expect a full review when the kit arrives.

Until then, check out the model and the rest of its photos here. You can see great views of the side and back of the model.

As always, I would love to hear what you think about this model, Hi-Tech's work in general or about any other great Mortarian alternatives you have seen out there.


  1. Argh, I just finished converting a Mortarion Daemon Prince model from an Inquistor scale model


    Now I want this model, haha, although this is closer to Termie scale I suppose.

    1. Your model is pretty good, Ian. I have a hard time replacing models I made with new stuff most of the time, but it's always up to you. Hi-Tech's mini is pure cocaine though!

  2. This model looks great - it's got some fine detailing in there but then that looks typical of Hi-tech minis. I have never bought anything from them but have been very tempted in the past.

    I want to see this thing painted up though!

  3. I'm interested as well, but I can't seem to find a single example of someone outside of hi-tech that has this model: much less anyone whose painted one. Would love to see some higher quality images...