Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Thousand Sons, Death Guard and Necron parts from Kromlech!


 Old School here with a little 3rd party update from Kromlech. Today we are looking at some great bits for Thousand Sons, Death Guard and even a little love for the Necrons ...

This is great since there are so many Thousand Sons bits out there (just check out my Building a Better Thousand Sons post), but nothing for their rhinos! This is a great set for the guy who wants to hop out of his ancient Prosperan pimp ride and fry some Space Wolf dogs! In all seriousness, though, it does look really good.

Next up are some Plague Marine Legs. It is rare for any company to make leg bits for the cult Marines. I think these mixed with the Forge World Torsos would be incredible. I am adding these to my Building a Better Plague Marine post.

Finally, here is a treat for anyone who is struggling to make good Cryptek staves. I honestly would just make my own, but if conversions are a little tough for you, there is no reason not to grab some of these, since they do look pretty good. In any case, check out Kromlech's Ebay store. There are tons of great bits there, including some great WW2 orks and much more.

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