Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Road to Adepticon 2013: Will You Be Joining Us?

Old School here to let folks know that we will be attending Adepticon 2013, as we have in previous years, in force! Here is a run down of the events the DFG team will be involved in, let us know what you signed up for:

So far, I think most of us signed up early enough that we are guaranteed good swag. Mini Tim, however, grabbed a VIP slot and will be laughing at us as he sips drinks at the bar while we wait!


Myself, CVinton and SeerK will be in the Championships this year. I will likely be running the Chraons (Necron/ Chaos Alliance of awesomely painted models). CVinton will likely "barge in" with his Crons and SeerK is thinking Chaos Marines (cocaine snorting Emperor's Children to be exact).


The Judge will be going out Maximus style bringing and army we aren't even sure about to the Gladiator.


Lord Solar Steve and SAMSQUANTCH MONSTER will be playing in the 40k Friendly tourney. LSS is sure to be whipping his Leman Russ back and forth while (I hope) Sammy might break out his awesome FW Tau army.

Team 40k

Myself, CVinton, Mini Tim and Just Doug will come together like Voltron to bring the convention a Technicolor Tombworld! That's right, we are bringing a robot zombie four way to the table will all (well, at least four) colors of the rainbow!

Old World

The D.I.N.K.s, or Rhellion and his wife, will be playing in ALL the Fantasy events. I think this may be his way of getting out of a drinking contest this year! Don't worry, we will try to get him inconveniently drunk at some point each day!

Mentioning Drinking contests, we are not completely sure if we want to throw one down this year due to the fact that OUR READERS ALMOST KILLED US last year. Seriously guys, there was a point on Sunday around 9AM last year where I had only drank a couple of free beers before I started feeling like the whole building was an elevator.

... maybe we will do a drinking contest ... we'll see what you guys have to say about it.

Finally, we are going to be rolling deep! We will be with friends old and new and always trying to meet more people. We also will have items in the Crystal Brush case, taking classes from legends like Joe Orteza, trying out games like Zombicide and dealing in bits like Arab traders every night.

Are you heading to the con? If so, what events did you sign up for? Do you think we should run another legendary contest? In any case, if you are there, don't be shy. Come over and introduce yourself! That's what cons are all about.


  1. Yes in fact this year the FW tau will be making a stunning appearance in the friendly as well as the am combat patrol. We are rolling deep this year and all of us are super excited! I'm so pumped for the extra time at adepticon this year it's sure to bring more amazing armies that we only ever see on the interwebs. As for drinking contest I'm up for it and if coffee patron guy is reading. Please god bring something else this year!

  2. His handle is PsychoSquire dude!!! I myself am planning on running orks in the gladiator, that's if i can get my hands a gargantuan squiggoth before march! Im so hyped up! i say bring on the booze, bring on the contest and for the love of god, bring on that gat damn coffee patron!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Awww, I was remembered :D Hehe, actually this year, should you all be doing the challenge or not, I still have a very new, if slightly illicit treat for you all, in the form of "The scythe of Mortarion"s. Or something also suitably home brewed and potent :P

  3. For the first time I'll be making it! Woo! I signed up for painting, green stuff, photography, pigments and sculpting classes; so excited!

    And of course you guys should have another contest! I'll even help you guys down some drinks. I'm just that nice of a guy. ;)

  4. Many of us will not make it as this thing sold out before we could get home to sign up. Another reason why being a grown-up sucks!

    1. Sign ups started at 8 pm, lol. Where were you?

    2. Sometimes spots open there, and some of us have gone a few times and not played in anything. You should show and enjoy what it is!

    3. A lot of us have been on the stand by for events and still gotten in. I know it isn't optimal, but it is still a strong possibility at this point.

  5. I'll be there for my first tournament since 3rd ed! I managed to get tickets to the 40k Championships on Thursday and the Warzone tourney on Friday, and will be rolling out the Guard (great reason to get more of 'em painted). Going to be good times!

  6. Fresh Coast 40k is bringing a whole team for the team tourney. We'll also be participating in boarding actions, hobby classes, and Necromunda. Sweet sweet action.

  7. Ooohhhh, is Forge World allowed at Adepticon?

  8. With limits but yes. each year they come out witha documents that says what is allowed in each game.

  9. Yer darn right I grabbed a VIP badge. I had one last year, got to go to Juicy O's for breakfast, walk right in and register before ANYONE in the mile-long line.

    So yes, expect me to laugh, though this year I won't be registering until we get there on Thursday, around 2pm, so the whole VIP thing may not pay off as well as it did for the 2012 con.

    I'll be debuting my Technicolor Insecti-Crons for the Team Tournament. You all know I can't leave well enough alone, and my Necrons will be no exception.

  10. man now I feel obligated to whip my hentai tentacle loving marines back and fourth in the GT. But no they are a labor of love and I will be bringing the metal to the GT.

    The Imperial Fists tried to kill the metal......they failed!

    Iron Within, Iron Without

    Glory to the 4th legion.

    then I will be bringing the hurt in combat patrol with the Craftworlders if I can get a spot that is.