Saturday, November 17, 2012

Chaos Space Marine Mutilator/ Chaos Terminator Lord Alternative! More Hi-Tech Madness!

Old School here to get the word out about some new models from the Hi-Tech Miniatures Carcass Virus Cult Terrorizer range. The two new models are the Ripper and the Morbus and they are excellent stand-ins for either Mutilators or would make some great Chaos Terminator Lords! Let's take a look at these models!

The Ripper is covered with wicked spikes, has one of the awesome screaming faces, that this line is so well known for, on his leg. The weapons, however are where I fall in love with this model.

The weapons are mounted as if they are on an exo suits and include a set of enormous claws and a giant chainsaw! Obviously this would be a good mutilator, but I could really see somebody calling either weapon a murder sword or maybe the chainsword could be the Axe of Blinding Fury. Perhaps a hobbyist could even kitbash this with one of the other terrorizer kits I have reviewed (here and here) and make some truly unique looking lords. As always, Chaos is on your side when it comes to imaginative conversions.

Next up is Morbus, a perfect fit for Nurgle, which is also a perfect fit for Mutilators since T5 helps them not get killed by stray powerfists. This Terrorizer has dual powerfists with an Iron Man-like palm that sems like it could fire if needed. The model is also covered in bois that would make the Plague Father proud. The face is a little silly, but the rest of the model really makes up for it and I also think a good paint job could tone that silliness down

The back of this model is where it really shines! Look at the bulges that press through the armour, the awesome severed head and all the stuff hanging from the mouth! I am truly impressed when I look at the back of this model and I really would love to paint it. As far as Lord conversions go, I would kitbash this with another Terrorizer kit (like the Obliterator style ones above) to make some seriously awesome terminator Lord model!

Overall, I will be placing an order for these soon and doing an unboxing, though I am under the impression a third one will be coming out soon (since the other group had three) and I am dying to see what it looks like!

Anyway, let's hear what you have to say about these models. Also if you haven't visited Hi-Tech Miniatures, check out their stuff. I have placed a few orders there and in addition to the Terrorizers reviewed in the links above, I also ordered my Perturabo from them as well and was impressed with all of the kits, so check them out.

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  1. Awesome minis! If I were the Nurgle type my wallet would be crying.