Monday, October 29, 2012

The Craftworld Open: Results

The Results are in. The Craftworld Open was this past weekend at UCON. This was the first year of the tournament and there will be many more as I was asked to run it next year and help out with getting more war game and miniature events next year. I will keep you guys posted as it seems we are going to do it big next year.

I digress though. The champion of the Inaugural Craftworld Open is non other than DFG's own CVinton. He brought the Necrons out to play and after a very close 3rd round pulled it out for the win.

Here are the official results

1st. Chris Vinton
2nd. Adam Koziel
3rd Eric Gibbs

Players Choice for painting was also won by Adam Koziel for his Forge World Tau Commander. The His force was nicely painted as were several other. My favorite was, I have to admit, John Owens Kroot Mercenary army which is now a counts as Dark Eldar. The units were very superbly modeled and painted. He even had a Codex that replaced every instance of the Words Dark Eldar with Kroot of some form or another. It even had army background and fluff. Now that’s a counts as Army!

I am looking forward to doing this convention next year. The location is great and the staff was very friendly and helpful. There were lots of events and games represented. Next year War Games will be making a comeback thanks to yours truly and all the DFG and Craftworld crew.

Until next time

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!


  1. Congrats to you and Matt holding it down on the judging side and running a good first year. I wish I could have been there ... To beat CVinton (just kidding), but it looked like a lot of fun. Congrats to Chris of course, but also to Adam and Eric. It's food to see familiar faces do well!

    I will be there for sure next year!