Monday, October 29, 2012

Help me Build More Chaos Conversions Like My Vindicator and the Hellworm!

Old School here to ask the community to help me do one thing: Help me win the models I need to make more great Chaos conversions like the vindicator above or some of the the great minis below. Follow THIS LINK to reach the facebook post with my vindicator on it. By "liking" the Vindi on Facebook, you can help me win one of each of the new Chaos kits, which I will be using in more conversions as I reconstruct the Chaos Legions! Also, while you are there, check out and "like" some of the other entries in Spikey Bits Chaos Space Marine Contest.

Speaking of the conversions, Hellworm will be breaking out in another update soon! He will need friends to fly with!

My resume doesn't just include Nurgle, it stretches back years to epic conversions like this Tower of Skulls I did on commission! I really want to see what I can do with the new kits!

As cool as defilers are, I want to try some converted Maulerfiends and Forge Fiends to hang out with this little Brass Scorpion!

I could easily whip together some interesting constructions to follow Perturabo into battle!

And going back to Nurgle ... well, we all know I can make some nasty Nurgle stuff and I have plenty more ideas for the new kits ....

... and with that said, I stand before you, please "like" my vindicator if you truly think it is a great conversion. Please go out there and look at what the other artists are doing in the contest and "like" any that you think are great! I look forward to the final results and hope that I can earn the top spot. If so, Hell O' Ween Month has nothing on what the future can hold!


  1. Thanks to you GSI and thanks to everyone who helped out. I don't think I can even touch first place, but I am hoping against hope to get there!