Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Nurgle Ultraforge Great Unclean One Reborn!

Old School here with another Nurgle treat for Hell'O'Ween! This time, we are looking at the Greater Plague Daemon from Ultraforge (though the model is no longer available). This model is awesome and has tons of layers of torn meat and muscle to work with! I don't really play Daemons at the moment, but with the allies system and the fact that all of my lesser and greater daemons just became inert ... well, I may just have to. With that said, let's take a look at the model!

This guy is FAT! The bottom of the model is just about the size of a 60mm base, which is why he doesn't have one. I am working on something to fit the maggot theme I have going at the moment, so we may see him again soon with a base.

This model was a joy to repaint and I used it to teach myself new ways to paint corrupt flesh and also learned what each of the new, bright glazes are capable of (yellow is awesome)!

Every inch of this model is decayed and nasty. The sculptor really spared nothing when it came to making this the nastiest Great Unclean One - esque model I have ever seen.

I wanted the insides and the areas around the straps to look chaffed and bruised by the presence of the straps against the moist, rotten flesh.

I love the little maggots in his gut!

Overall, the model was a lot of fun and a pretty quick paintjob that really came out well, considering that it was basically a Guinea Pig for some methods I wanted to experiment with. For more great models from Ultraforge, check out their site.

That's it for now. I would love to hear what you all think of the fat fellow!

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  1. That is thoroughly disgusting. As it should be!

    Great work!