Monday, October 1, 2012

Mini-Rulebook Winner!

Old School Terminator here to announce the winner of our mini-rulebook contest. The winner of this contest is ...

Thomas Whisenhunt, who's name was pulled out of more than 800 names (some of which were doubles, since Facebook adds to the follower status! Congrats to Thomas. I will wait for an e-mail to come through confirming he knows he has been picked!

In the meantime, the month of October is bound to be one of the best months as we celebrate Halloween for an entire month. We will also be holding a massive contest that will stretch from one side of the month to the other and will also benefit some of the DFG Network blogs out there as well!

If you didn't win the rulebook, but are interested in finding one or anything from the Dark Vengeance set, check us out here.

Stand by for our regularly scheduled programming.

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