Monday, October 1, 2012

DFG Network: Top Posts of the Week Oct 1!

Old School here with another round up from the DFG Network blogs! Keeping in theme with our month-long celebration of Halloween, we will be mostly looking toward the evil and creepy! First up, Synaps3 has been logging his progress for his Eldar/ Dark Eldar army as the week's close in. His conversions and paint jobs always amaze me and the DEldar alliance are nothing if not creepy!

  Next up is Lord Plaguebones from Le Blog de Kouzes. I have been a long time fan of this blog and if you check it out with a translator program you can learn some great stuff about working with green stuff and plasticard.

Up next is a Nurgle themed Hell Brute converted by Rictus at Recalcitrant Gaze. This link will take you a series of posts he has put up showing how he constructed the model. I would call it a blueprint for Nurgle enthusiasts!

Krautscientist over at the Eternal Hunt ran a series of posts called the Ruinous Powers, where he explored some of the aspects of the Dark Gods and created some great models to go along with each post. Here is a link to the series.

A really striking Broodlord can be found on Muffin's Happy Corner, where the muffin man used bold color choices to create a really cool looking broodlord for his Tyranids!

I also want to use this weekly post to get news out for folks in our Network, so if you are interested in winning a gift certificate to Wayland Games, check out this post at Eddie: Legion of One.

That's it for this week. We are currently laboring on and scheduling a month of creepy and scary articles in a month-long celebration of Halloween. We will be doing the evil theme for tutorials, model reviews, It Came From the Forums, showcases, and well ... everything throughout the month! The whole thing will come together this Haloween!

If you want to become a part of the DFG Network, check out this link and find out how you can join our blogrolls and become a part of our extended family!


  1. Again, OST, thank you so much for the shoutout! Although I have to admit I am rather proud of those four guys... ;-)

  2. Thanks for the shoutout and for highlighting and promoting other blogs. It's information sharing like that which helped inspire my conversions and encourage me to try new painting techniques.

    Can't wait to see more Halloween themed posts! Should be some good material out there with the CSM release.

  3. @KS No problem man, your stuff is great and realliy inspiring as I move into revamping my Chaos stuff.

    @Hyv3mynd - I have been following your blog since you created it. Aside from great looking models, your real-world Tyranid batreps and tactical articles really helped me out during the years I played the army heavily.