Monday, October 8, 2012

DFG Network: Top Posts of the Week Oct 8!

The Hell' O' Ween theme continues with more evil! Old School here kicking off this week's DFG Network Top Posts. Topping my list is this true scale Kharn the Betrayer from Master of the Forge! This is absolutely incredible!

Mordian7th has finally lost his mind. He is scratch building this Leviathan in incredible detail so far. Where does it go when it is finished? I would see if one of those vaccum robot fit inside it. That would be the best looking vaccum ever.

Next up is a great post from 2nd City Warzone on Converting Dual stormbolters for his sweet Angels of Absolution Rhinos. I love Old School Rhinos.

 Dark Templar has been converting and painting some Nurgle Dark Vengeance Chaos Space Marine Chosen!

Dustin at FreshCoast40k ran a marathon of paint to get his limited edition Dark Vengeance set painted!

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