Friday, October 12, 2012

A Blog of Note: Drowned in Plastic, Tutorials and Amazing Paint!

Old School here with another installment of Blogs of Note. Every once in a while I find a blog that is so awesome, so great in terms of hobby that it must be recommended to our readers. Drowned in Plastic is a young blog by an experienced player and hobbyist named Brandon Griffith who not only shares his amazing art, but also plenty of tutorials and guides to the kinds of paint he uses. Let's take a look at some of his work.
So right away, the Rune Priest conversion of the Forge World Scorpions Libby is insane. He took a model that was already a solid 10 of 10 and cranked it up a notch in terms of modelling and paint!

One of the things the painters I know have really been talking about is breaking away from the darker palettes and using bright colors without looking silly and this is a great example. The wolf is bright, the sun shines on the armor and you can see he used warm yellows as part of the rider's marking as well! The basing material for the snow is also spot on.

Simple conversions paired with great paint jobs make squads come to life as you can see here.

As I mentioned before. techniques that you hear about all the time, but never really fully explained in layman's terms are revealed here in simple step-by-step instructions.

I was on this blog for about three minutes and already learned something simple, but mind blowing when I saw this tutorial on painting realistic animal hide banners. I know some banners in my collection will need repainting.

Anyway, check out the blog and follow it. Drowned in Plastic is not only sure to entertain you with amazing models, but it will teach you the simple, but effective techniques that the pros use that often leave us average hobbyists scratching out heads.


  1. Thanks for highlighting this site, well worth a follow indeed.

  2. Perfect example of a stellar blog I haven't seen yet. Thanks for pointing us in the right direction here!

  3. Really good explanation on painting.

  4. My analytics pinged this site, so I came over to see what was creating all the fuss. You guys have a great blog over here. Thanks for the shout-out!