Thursday, September 6, 2012

Themed armies need themed beer.

Sammy here with the best part about beer and pretzels tabletop. Some of us out there prefer this method play for our wargames and mostof these players love to theme armies to a certain fluff line or story. Well I say why not theme your beer too! This post is gonna cover some of the precious nector of the god emporer. I'll do my best to keep personal opinions out of the equation and stick to the facts about the brew. Now of course u can always drink the classics like Coors, Miller, or Budweiser but lets dive deeper into some craft beers and lower batch releases.

First up let's talk codex space marines (aka: vanilla marines). What would go better than a java vanilla porter from Atwater brewing. This stalwart beer stands strong against all other beers but can fit the taste buds of any casual drinker. This is more of a four pack at a time kinda beer so defiantly gonna want to bring something a little lighter to drink after round four.

Now like any good ork player there is nothing better than a bone grinding game were wave after wave of the green guys march into the enemy and crush them. So with that mentality in mind why not a bone crusher stout from schmohz brewery. It's a heavy dark beer that is crisp on the front and has a lingering coffee after taste that will energize the palate for the inevitable waaaaaagggg!

Let's move on to the frozen death world of Fenris shall we. Put your self in a battle against the great Magnus the red and his diabolical thousand sons. Now like any wolf brother would likely tell you when they see the blue of that traitor legion all they see is red. when that happens the canis helix will no longer be held at bay. Turning that brother into what we know as a werewolf. So perhaps Newcastle werewolf blood red ale is the choice for you. This is for fan of killians. This red ale is aggressive and with the slightest hint of iron and earth in the after taste. This brew wants nothing more than to send the best wolf lord into a wulfen craze.

Alright so on to the lighter side of things here is the Dirty Blonde. This beer has hints of coriander and grape fruit just the thing a sister needs to chill out after a long day of burning heretics. Sit back take off the armor and drink till the servitor starts to look pretty good. Its light, refreshing taste and golden color is the perfect companion to the great defenders of faith.

moving on, not every army has a matching beer perhaps maybe you would prefer to match your play style. like bike armies? of course there is beer out there for you! New Belgium Fat Tire would make a great addition to any outlaw biker out for a casual slaughter. loaded up with strong spices this beer will get you rolling along just fine by turn three.

lets dive a little into the wrap with Magic Hats Hex. It's a malty amber ale offering hints of toffee and caramel with its slightly smoky finish. Just what the sorcerer needed. Rally your troops to gather skulls for your throne and why not knock back brew while your at it.  

Now imagine your a guardsman rolling into battle aboard your faithful Valkyrie as you pitch from side to side from enemy flak. You reach for something to fortify your nerves, because certainly you will die at any minute. as you reach down you find a Sky High Rye pale ale from Arcadia Brewing. this lovely pale ale is great for that commisarr about to drop from above to his death below in the name of the emperor. Tastes are well rounded with grapefruit zest, spicy rye, floral hop, biscuity malt.

last but surely not least, as you fall victim to the black rage may as well get thunder hammered. get you troops there quick with this high ABV (8%) India pale ale. this beer will knock your teeth in. orange, grapefruit, pine, caramel, biscuit, floral, and herbal spiciness are all the flavors that your assault marines will need as the fly high to bring death on the enemy below. 

Alright guys as you might guess i love me a good beer. but don't let your taste buds suffer get some good brews. what do you guys like to drink "responsibly" while gaming. My favorite is that Vanilla Java Porter that's some good stuff and Coors Light for the weeks with less cash. Comment with thoughts about more army and beer pairings. the combinations are endless. 



  1. This is my favorite post of 2012 for our blog. I really want to try the werewolf.

  2. Wychwood makes a bunch of great brews as well. Playing Chaos Dwarfs? Grab a Hobgoblin Ale. Rogue makes Dead Guy Ale (or Double Dead Guy Ale) for Vampire or Tomb Kings players.

  3. I recently tried a great brew called 'Heretic Ale' The flavor was very robust and aromatic(think woodsy) and carried a very stout blend of hop and spice, while not being to heady or bitter. Good for the brooding chaos lord, or dark usurper in all of us. In this same vein of themed ales and beers, the Damnation sereies of IPA's and stouts is pretty decent as well.



  4. Such a brilliant post, I must remember these. May I add some of my own suggestions?

    Beast Men - Black Sheep Ale
    Empire - Golden Glory
    Wood Elves - Tanglefoot
    Necrons - Ummm... WD40? (I kid, I kid)

  5. I love it, I'll have to remember to name next next home-brew so it supports my troops!