Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Yellow Necrons Recieve More Immortals!

OST here with another batch of the dreaded Yellow Necrons. I am feeling the itch to work on my Chaos Marines who have been gathering dust (though 6th has brought them back out a couple of times). With that being said, I need to pump out the last of the crons. I finished another squad of immortals recently, so let's take a look at them.

The paint scheme has stayed the same as my other Necron units and the second full squad of immortals has just seen it tighten up a little.

My recent performance in a painting competition has inspired me to get back to my Chaos roots sine most of them were painted years ago and I want to see what happens when my love of darkness combines with my more developed painting skills!

That's it for today, there is much more to talk about but that is for future posts.

For now I would love to hear what you think of the oft loved and equally hated yellow crons.


  1. I like them. The darker rim on the bases works well too. Lets the 'crons really stand out.

  2. Yellow is hard to do but you pull it off very well. Nice work!

  3. How about using some small crystals inside the gun barrels?

    1. What did you have in mind? Do you know of a plastic or resin crystal kit?

  4. Heh... cool color scheme... I have some 6000 points of Necrons in some box, no color... yet.

  5. With the crystals I know hobby lobby or micheals have beading area. With crystals small enough to fit in the barrels