Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to Paint Yellow Necrons: Part 1

Old School here with a response to the several e-mails I have received requesting a how to article on how I painted the Yellow Necrons. I will tell you that I picked them up to be an easy summer paintjob. That being said, I wanted to be able to paint whole squads in a couple hours and still maintain a striking look that drew people to them. Are they Golden Daemon Quality? Oh Hell NO! Do they have a look that betrays the simplicity of their scheme, I think so. So let's take a look.

Alright, while I don't have any images of me airbrushing them, I can explain how the first steps are performed. First you will want to prime your necrons white or grey. I used Valspar Grey Primer for mine. Next I airbrushed the entire unit Balor Brown. The one in the photo above already has the next step, but the general idea is to create zenithal highlighting between the Balor brown underside and the next color.

Next, I spray each model directly from above with Yriel Yellow. This creates the bright yellow!

Next, I wash the parts that will remain yellow with Sepia and I usually basecoat the base at this point. (the base right here is Codex Grey and Mournfang Brown).

Next, I use Celestra Gret (used to be Astrinomicon Grey) to paint the face plate and shoulder pads. Use two  coats to get the egg shell, ceramic look. leve the recesses along on the face.

Now it is time to sponge paint! I rip a little pluck foam and dab it into some mournfang brown.

You want to get most of the excess off so that the sponge is almost dry. If not, it will leave streaks and your model will look terrible.

Now you dab the model all over. If you kept your sponge dry, it should just pick out the high areas and give it some realistic weathering chips.

At this point your necrons should look something like this. Tune in for part 2 soon, where we will finish the Yellow necrons and I will show you just how easy it is!

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  1. Good tutorial! Saved it under favorites ;) After all I have 6000 points unpainted necrons.... *sigh*