Monday, September 24, 2012

Games Day 2012 UK Post 2: Chaos Pics & Info, Great Looking Armies!

Old School here still taking it all the great Heresy Era stuff from our last Games Day Post. With that out of the way, though, our good friend who attended Games Day sent us some more pics from the event along with some thoughts on the Chaos Space Marine codex after taking a look at it. First though, since we are all about great looking armies, let's take a look at a few of the things that caught his eye.
The pics really do need to be clicked on and enlarged to truly enjoy. The Tau were either out in force or we have a serious Tau fan sending pics back! The display above is amazing with Tau zooming around and crashing through things. It really does look great and brings out the potential of that army very well.

Another great Tau display.

The tireless forces (and inexhaustible wallets) of the Mechanicum have been hard at work here!

More Tau! The lack of real terrain for them has led to some very creative solutions.

This however is where Tau terrain is at! The landing pad here is awesome and hopefully, when the do make xenos terrain (I can't type it with a straight face, sorry), I hope Tau's stuff looks like this.

The great thing about Orks is that they always look great and just always seem to be having fun. Orks have it the best in the Grimdark future.

I spoke too soon, If I am not mistaken, the wings here may be giant chainblades ...

This conversion is pretty sick. I am not an aviation expert, so I am not sure how this work ...

... but it is red, so it must go fast.

A new Imperial Flier from FW and a good looking one at that.

A quick shot of the display case.

Ok, now we get into some Chaos stuff. I know the models have been all over the web, but I like to see things in grey plastic just to see where the lines are and how it is made. I also like to have a good size comparison.

Now here is what our friend had to say about the new Chaos Codex after he saw it:

I'm a little bummed because I got to read a good portion of the chaos dex.
Still a undivided dex, not legion lists, but its more like the 3.5 dex
where you can make a decent cult list with marked anything. Kharn still
isn't a eternal warrior but gorechild is no longer unweildy still 160
points though. There are chaos specific warlord traits as well, the
designers say thats the plan for all the future dexs. Jervis says there
will be legion supplements and the studio has nearly doubled in two years,
so they are planning a codex a month, I won't hold my breath.

Alright, with that said, I agree with the general sentiment among the folks out there who have been at this hobby for some time: Nobody is going to be completely satisfied with this book because it has been wish-listed for so long. I personally think that the book will be fine and I will have plenty of ways to field my Traitors in ways both true to their fluff and in dark alliances! Model wise, there may be some stuff I don't like, or you don't but hey, what is a Chaos army without conversions.

Here are some shots of the real models and some two-ups as well.

The raptor/ Talon sprue ... or soon to be the kit all my chaos marines come from! Oh the conversions I will show you ...

Speaking of conversions, this scythe looks awesome and the Necron army with it doesn't look bad either.

Well, that's it for now. Games Day UK 2012 seemed to be one for the books with all the stuff that came out there. I am just glad that we had an "inside man."

Were you at Games Day? Maybe you weren't and have something to say. Either way, we would love to hear what you think.


  1. Damn those are some very impressive displays. I need to up my game on the old display-tray front.

  2. Awesome displays! Thanks for sharing those images -- they're inspiring.

  3. Good to see some Tau on display :o) I often wonder about their future as everyone who worked to incorporate them into 40k has left GW.