Monday, September 3, 2012

30 Man Chaos Cultist Squad 100pts! The stats and options!

Well, I took a look at the screenshot that is to be the codex entry for cultists (salt to your pleasure). The basic squad comes in at ten models for 40 points. The aspiring warlord can then buy up to 20 more cultists for 3 points a model!!

This raised my eyebrows. Now they all can be armed with auto guns or with pistols and close combat weapons and the leader comes with a pistol and ccw, but can get a shotgun or an autogun or even a power weapon.

Thirty dudes for 100pts is crazy, but there are a few options I wouldn't leave home without. The first big bargain is the frag grenades. They come in at 10 Pts for the whole squad, making it a bargain for the 30 man squads.

The other options include stubbers, flamers or grenade launchers per each ten squad members. I am personally inclined toward the stubbers or grenade launchers paired with auto guns for the squad to get the shooty horde feel of Orks but cheaper!

The squad will take a lot to kill off and while ld8 could be an issue, the squad is cheap and i am sure it can be led by a fearless dude somewhere in the codex for even more craziness.

I know this is a lot of speculation, but Chaos is my first love in this game.

Overall this falls into the trend of troop spam I have seen and used in 6th so far. From Cvinton and I running crowds of immortals, to Goatboy's 90 boy troops base to Tony K's Nova winning Grey Hunter spam.

What do you guys think about the troop heavy trend and what do you think of these cheap cultists?


  1. Greate post! 3x30 cultis will be fun!

  2. I think throw-away cannon fodder is just what the Chaos powers need, and especially when it comes in like Mad Max wastoids. Sounds like fun to me! As far as spamming troops... I'm not a spammer or a "competitive" player, so i'll hold my tongue on that.

  3. At 2000 you can field 360 cultists for mere 1200 O_____o
    I'd dare to kill them all in just 6 turns XD

  4. Looks like a nice and cheap allies choice. My daemons will probably take two 20 man squads. Hopefully Daemon Prince can still be a HQ. And will now be a FMC. And flyer. I hope I can scrape out enough points in my list for those.

    The rules look like play test rules.

    I wonder of the Icon will give different benefits depending on what one the get. Tzeentch Icon for 6++ save?

  5. I'm running Tainted Guardsmen who will have Chaos marine allies....these guys came in as perfect timing to fill the troop requirement leaving a good amount of points for a nice Chaos HQ choice....

  6. that "screenshot" doesn't look quite right. You can't believe any of the rumors these days.

    1. General Chaos, it does look dodgy but in the last few years stuff that comes out this close to the codex release is mostly right if not spot on. In any case, if this is true, people are going to need the bits from the starter kits!

  7. The only solid rumors that have came out in recent months are pictures of the white dwarf a couple days before it's out. This is some what? PDF file of the codex? or some beta copy? It's obviously not a pic of the book.

    There has not been a rumor correct ever since there was a rumor about GW locking down rumors because of the Hobbit.

  8. Lol, name some that we're super wrong and I can name some that were right. In any case, I did say take your salt.

    I fell for the tyranid transport rumor but then laughed at the leaked necron codex only to find it almost completely correct. You win some, you lose some. I am guessing this is made in some geek's basement and we are all likely getting trolled, but there is a part of me that is amused enough to speculate.

  9. I have to agree with General Chaos... it looks far too clean to be an actual codex entry. Seems a bit wish-list-y to me. Even if this is from a manuscript or something, it will likely change before release.

    However, that being said... until the codex comes out, I may ask my opponent's permission to use these point values so I can take my cultists in pickup games :)

  10. I want to mahve a close comabt army variant to support my terms drad army I only have arhiman and rubric marien suad of 5 dudes (including arhiman). 4 noise mariens squads 2 regular, two blast nosie (not all deployed everygame) 2 sonic dread. all the rest is terminators even sorcerers except arhimans are terms....
    My terms are ranged units mostly with mark of tzeench...

    I am all mark of tzeench ! .... and slaanesh sonic dread and noise marines....No ladn raider, only terms and sorcerer teleportation.

  11. have a close combat*
    dread army