Friday, September 7, 2012

13th Company Werewolf Thunderwolves Return!

So after OST called me out about buying the new thunderwolves when they came out I half listened.  Then he said it again after 6th dropped when I mentioned that I was going to try out Twolves again and it sunk in.  The Twolves I converted a long time ago are too awesome to sit half done and unpainted.  So I got to it and finished most of the squad.  

Group shot, individuals follow.  Pic heavy.

This guy got a hold of some poor thousand son.  Better luck next time guy.

For the lastest conversions I used the plastic chaos hound heads.  A much better way to make wolf faces versus the next one which was the snout of a gaunt on the demon face.  I really don't like the face, but it still works and makes him more individual.  

The only thing I do like about this guy is his crouched pose.  I modeled it like he ripped the door off the rhino and is peaking in...ready to jump in and destroy everyone.  If you put a rhino in front of him its perfect looking.  

Hes my melta bomb guy from back in the day of wound allocation BS.  Thankfully it doesn't matter any more.  

This is a repost of the original Twolf.  No face change, no pose change.  Very bland, but I like him and his gold thong has a special place in my heart as the first one that started all this.  

This was the first one that I was done with and actually happy with.  The power armor plasticard work and green stuff with the blending of the wolf head turned out perfect and I have been nothing but pleased with the way he turned out.

This is the next one in line to be painted.  I just have to finish up the green stuff and I'll be ready to go.  Pulled up a lamp post to use as a hammer.  Classic comic book stuff.  Once he's done I'll have the five man squad ready to go (4 and a lord).

Complete group shot with the unfinished.  If I get crazy I'd make two more and repace the tiny face'd one and the plain standing on to all have the chaos hound heads.  They just look so much better.  

As always feel free to post any questions you have about the conversions.  I have a little write tutorial on the fur in the GS section of the blog that you should check out for any questions on the fur work.  Thanks for reading and visiting DFG! Keep checking back for more work!


  1. They are just so cool! Easily the best looking Thunderwolves anywhere, anytime.

  2. I am so happy to see these coming back and getting some paint on them! I am proud that you mentioned me as the muse, but really, CV, you birthed these amazing, horrific creatures and really breathed life into them and my hat is off to you because they are the best of the best when it comes to 13th company armies and squads out there.

  3. I loved these when they were first shown, and I love 'em more now! Beautiful work, I'm looking forward to seeing that last one painted up!

  4. Amazing work and I love the concept, the lamppost out the ground guy us just ace, now all you need is some gk allies so you can have a van helsing looking inquisitor to go with them. now that would look epic.