Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It Came From the Forums: Zombies, Gorillas and Hot Chicks!

Old School here with our first ever DUST Warfare It Came From the Forums post. The love must be shared and we have certainly found an army worth sharing! The army we look at today is Popg0estheworld's Axis Army. This army is living testament to the quality of the DUST line and to the painters from the DUST community.  Let's take a look at this incredible army!

Grenadier X is an awesome model and this is the best paintjob I have ever seen on him! I love the tones on the skin and the nasty old saw blade!

Yeah ... he went there ... great looking zombies though. Again the dead flesh tones are great!

The one super intelligent zombie in the Axis army looks great. I like the subtle OSL!

There are a lot of critics out there that say the models lack detail in the DUST line. I can say from personal experience that isn't so ... or you can just take a look at this model's face!

The camo pattern on these snipers simply blows me away. Camo seems challenging to me and this even more so ... in fact, I have no oidea where to start on something like this.

Markus is a beast on the table! He is captured here in all his robo-fisting monkey glory!

More of that great camo combined with the much less detailed camo of the weapons and flak armor.

Helmets? Who needs a helmet?

oh ... well that works too!

Here is an Axis walker. As you look at it, you can see that a lot of little extras went into the base.

One of the great things about the walker kits is the inter-changable weapon options. Same tank, new guns.

and even more guns ...

The Hans artillery walker looks great and the extra attention to detail here is great from insignia and numbers to the basing material.

Let's not forget the pilot's bedroll! Great detail.

And finally, the big guns!

I hope you enjoyed the army as much as I did and as the DUST community grows and more amazing armies crop up, we plan to weave great stuff like this into our 40k It Came From the Forums coverage. For more of Popg0estheworld's great work, visit his original thread over at Fantasy Flight Forums. Let's hear what you think.


  1. Of course I have been planning on doing the prison jump suit. I'm happy to see someone else willing to have the balls to do it.

  2. Yeah I am interested to see what you do with them Vinton.

    I am thinking I am going to get my hands on some Germans and start up an army with the North African camo on them. Is there a German Character like Rommel?

    1. If nothing you could run an 'elite' force and have heavy armor teams. But as far as tanks go, because of the way they structure the platoons its a little more difficult to have a tank army.