Thursday, July 12, 2012

Canoptek Spyders Conversions, Bender Style!

Old School here with another kill point for the Painting Challenge! This week I have painted by Canoptek Spyder conversions. You may remember these "Bender-esque" droids from a post I wrote earlier this year (before the new spyders kits dropped) and while they may look kind of funny, I do like them much more after painting them. Let's take a look at these critters.
The original conversion post contains all of the details on how they were made and it can be found here. The only thing I did after that was use some of the new wraith face plates to give them a menacing cyclops look.

I painted these much the same way I painted my destroyer lord, though the reason I kept the head white is because that is how my scarabs look and I just figured that Spyders were a bigger, more sophisticated scarab ... with bendy arms.

Now what about those bendy arms? Yeah, I know they are blue, which is usually the color of weapons, particularly shooty or powered ones, but the truth is that they just didn't look right any other way, so I painted them blue for the sake of balance and what the hell, I like like them and they are MCs with big powered muscley arms (well bendy robot ones anyway).

That is it for now, I have been working on barges the last few days and should be posting some by next week ... also, I just got a giant package from Dicebucket! I am going to be busy ... anyway let me know what you think of the Spyders!


  1. Really nice weathering effect on those, very convincing.

  2. Great work, OST! Is there a how-to on the weathering?

  3. Thank you guys.

    I explain the weathering in one of the links but I can certainly make a video this weekend about it. It is foolishly easy to achieve and makes you look like an ace painter.

  4. Very nice. And while the conversions were done before the kits, I personally like the fact that not only do they look well done, they are different than what others will field!

  5. Yeah, I have some little conversions sprinkled in there. The warriors have plastic rods from immortal guass weapons, the spyders are weird, my crypteks have some funny little conversions and a few other things. I wanted the army to have some little nuances that can pop up in any list I run. It also helps when painting and conversions are taken into account at tourneys.

  6. Very nicely done. They look fantastic.