Sunday, June 24, 2012

Yellow Necron Immortals march to War!

Old School here with another kill point for our Painting Challenge. This week, I enter my first squad of Necron immortals. These guys got the same treatment paint-wise as my warriors, but the difference in the quality of the models speaks for itself in how these came out compared to them. Let's take a look!

I painted ten of these bad boys as seen above, but after taking the original photos, only a couple came out, so I just snapped a few of five of them and stuck them in this article.

While the flash is mean to the yellows in the same way it usually is to red, I can tell you these models do look great in person and I venture to say in photos as well.

The same simple techniques apply here as they do with any of the crons I have painted so far, including my warriors, but the updated kit the immortals got in the release makes a huge difference in the overall effect of the paintjob. In this case, it is the canvas and not the paint, lol!

There are plenty more yellow Necrons on the way from me. I am thinking of picking a Tomb World soon. I love the fluff for Thanatos and its orrery, Hmmmmmm ... much to think about this Sunday.

Tomorrow, stay tuned for some It Came From the Forums eye candy!


  1. Awesome! I really do like the yellow/white/blue scheme you're using. They really give off a "heavy industrial machinery gone horribly wrong" vibe. I love it!

  2. I really like the weathered finish! I agree with Mordian7th, cool colour scheme.

  3. I love the industrial robot. Bags of character.

  4. VERY mice, my friend. Like I've said, you do this color scheme justice, and are livening up what tends to be a very bland army for me, even with the new models!

  5. oh these look nice. oooohhhh so nice.... damn it OST...