Sunday, June 24, 2012

Da' Dakkajet

Hello Everyone,

General Chaos here with my latest painting update. I present to you my Evil Sunz Dakkajet. Man, was this model was a joy to build and paint. I love the look and design of the kit. It appears to be based off the Russian MiG 15. The model has quite a bit of customization, besides the three build types (Dakkajet, Burna Bommber, Blitz Bomber) . You can build the wings in a swept up or a swept down configuration by added another piece to the wings and the tail section can be build in three different locations. There are quite a few areas you can mount the Supa-shootas, even a couple I never thought of after seeing some other peoples Jets. Also there's a couple new pilot heads that will make there way into my Stormboyz bitz box :)

I went with the swept up look. I also magnetized the guns and bomb mounts on underside of the wing so I can build the other configuration as well, I don't care what the internet says I love the Orky goodness of the Blitz Bommer! With all the rumors in the white dwarf it looks like fliers will be a interesting part in the "New" 40k universe and am looking forward to it.


  1. Superb work, you've done an excellent job.

    It does look like a fun little kit.

  2. That turned out awesome! I really enjoyed building and painting mine, and I'm definitely going to be building one or two more. Keep up the great work!