Thursday, June 14, 2012

Painting Challenge Week 7! Storm Eagle and Traitor Guard!

Old School here to post the weekly wrap up of Painting Challenge Kill Points from our contributors! This week is all about traitors! We have a World Eaters pre-heresy (maybe even mid heresy) Strom Eagle and some Traitor Guard Chimeras for you, so let's check them out!

Here is what Mordian7th had to say about the actual Storm Eagle kit:  Definitely a cool kit, though it was a serious pain in the rear to build - lots of hot water to straighten out bent panels and copious use of clamps and rubber bands to hold it in place while it dried. Really happy now that it's complete, but I have to admit I'm in no rush to try and build another one!

For more pics and a write up about the model, check out his blog, Mordian 7th Regiment and let him know what you think. It even looks like he has more great stuff lined up for next week's kill point(s).

Next, Lead Legion offers up two Traitor Guard Chimeras and had this to say about them: Two kill points this week. One of the Chimeras has had better days. It was acquired second hand and is missing half it's lasguns. The other one is brand, but I've left the weapon-port lasguns off this one. I've never been a huge fan of them. Since this photograph was taken, I've gone back and glued transparant plastic from blister packs inside the crew compartment of the second one, to create a port-hole effect. I'm still debating whether to do a painted window effect on the plastic, or leave it transparent. I'll probably take another photograph of it once I've finally made up my mind.

You can just see a glimpse of my new terrain mat in the second picture, purchased to match the basing techniques I'm using for my guard.

I think he did a great job, especially salvaging one of them. Salvage jobs can be more work than you may realize when you pick up the original model and can say that from experience. Great job again! For more of Lead Legion Painting Services, click this link!

I think that puts us up around six kill points for the week and we are all still firing away. If you want to get into the challenge, we are opening it up to Warhammer Fantasy, Warmahordes and Infinity models as well. If it is a table top fantasy or sci-fi based war game, we will help support you as you get it painted, so let's see your stuff and help us put an end to bare models!


  1. Nice work dude! I totally agree on the storm eagle, looks badass but is a royal pain in the butt to assemble! I also did exactly the same thing with the tail, it looked incomplete without it! Great minds eh? :)

  2. Awesome Storm Eagle. I just finished mine as well.

  3. Thanks folks! Quite happy with it overall, but it's definitely not a kit for the faint of heart. Love how yours turned out Michael, I've been reading through your blog and really dig your Salamanders. Keep up the great work!

    Really like the Chimeras, LeadLegion - the green on the multilasers is a nice touch. I may have to do something similar for my guard as well. Good stuff!

  4. Yes! Colorful guns where and when it is appropriate is fun! Multi-lasers are the opportunity!

  5. The storm eagle looks incredible, especially with the tail added. I can't stand the look of the stormraven and the eagle is a perfect replacement IMO and it can also stand in as a thunderhawk in a pinch.

    I had a thunderhawk and which had many of the same assembly difficulties and given the size of the model it was rediculously difficult to use for games, and it basically ended up as a massive display model. (which is sad because i bought it to be a game piece)

    The stormeagle's size likely means it will be much more suited to being gamed with. I was a bit on the fence based on the pics FW had up but after seeing your excellent work I'm definately looking at picking one one of these up.

  6. Great looking Storm Eagle Mordian. I went for the green on the barrels because I've always liked that ominous green glow that Necron weapons have.