Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hobby Time With SeerK

SeerK here with a hobby article in place of the battle report I was writing.  I kind of got distracted painting.  Well with 5th Edition 40k in its twilight hours I have still been playing, but working on the back log of hobby projects on my desk. I have my entire Grey Knights army base coated and I am working up the motivation to get the detail work done along with the basing. I have also been painting a few models in the Eldar army that have needed some attention. Most notably my bike council and my last Wraithlord. I have also been building my third War Walker squadron.

This had me thinking about my other 2 War Walker Squadrons. I had not magnetized my other 6 models and I was lamenting the fact as I have been using different weapon mixes on them as of late. I have never been a huge fan of magnetized weapons on Eldar vehicles. Especially War Walkers as they always seem to look off to me. Personal preference. I do like the the aesthetic of the Forgeworld Wasp though. They look streamlined and a lot more Eldar to me. Rather than the old weird looking Shield type mount, which looks like a weapon platform to me, the wasp has the same type of exterior weapon cover that the Wave Serpent and other tanks have.

So I started rummaging around in the old bits box. If you are like me or any other Eldar player you have an over abundance of weapon sprues. I dug out all my heavy weapons and a bout 30 or 40 of the weapon covers. I decided to snap off all the existing weapons off my finished War Walkers and give them a bit of an update so they looked more wasp like.

Its a pretty simple conversion and I know its more than likely been done before, but I thought I would share.
 You will need.

Heavy weapons that have the hole rather than the tab you usually put on War Walkers

Weapon shields

3/32 brass rod

A pin vice with a 3/32 drill bit

I start by snapping off the old weapon and then drilling out the original tab on the war walker.

The shield and weapon holes are a bit smaller than 3/32nds so I used the same pin vice to drill them out and widen them a bit. The Brass rod can now fit through both. 

I then glue the brass rod to the shield and slip the weapon onto the the rod. I glue the weapon the the rod and the shield. Now you just cut off the rod and insert it into the hole you drilled into the main body of the War Walker.  You have to kind of play with the length of the rod so it looks nice and clears the hip of the War Walker without sticking out to far.

I have been making up these weapon pods for my War Walkers. They are sturdier in my opinion. and they travel a hell of a lot better than the old style.  This also works great on Wave Serpents and Falcons.  Basically you can use the same weapon pods on all your vehicles. 

So there you have it. My waspish regular War Walkers. 

 I am working on painting and I will have some pictures up as I finish models. I will also have a couple battle reports up over at Craftworld Lansing involving my new Grey Knight army.  I will also have some more hobby Articles in the coming weeks like this one, which originated on Craftworld Lansing, involving some more Eldar tweaks and fixes as I go through my massive, yet still small compared to what it was, Craftworld Army and get it back up to snuff for what I hope will be a more Eldar Friendly Edition of 40K.

I will also be doing some reflection on 5th edition and what I hope to see in 6th edition in the coming weeks.

Until next time............

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!

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