Thursday, June 21, 2012

Orks, Inquisitors and Guardsmen -oh my; Painting Challenge Week 8 Update!

Old School here with a big update for the Painting Challenge! This is week 8 and let's take a look at the round up from our contributors, featuring a special guest from our own ranks: SeerK!
The photo above is a Dakkajet from Mordian7th! Check out this jet!

Here is what Mordian7th sent me via e-mail about this project: "My hobby ADHD got the better of me and I needed to do something other than World Eaters for a bit. Time to appease Mork and Gork with a Dakkajet for Waaagh Mo'Dakka!"

I love the writing under the wings. This is such an Orky thing to do! For more pics of this great new model and the awesome paintjob, check out Mordian 7th Regiment!

Next up is two kill points from Lead Legion! These Storm Troopers look amazing and I really think this is some of the best work I have seen from the studio during this challenge, including the great looking vet squad below as well.

Here is what Lead Legion had to say: "I had to go and do it didn't I? Just two weeks to go before the tournament I'm painting a whole army from scratch for and I decide to give my Stormtroopers an alternate color scheme them being an elite unit and all. I scheme I like so much I'm tempted to go back and repaint the whole army this way. In fact, after the tournament (once I've finished painting everything in English Uniform and Red) I might very well go back and repaint the whole darn lot this way.

Lessons I'll never learn no. 98: Never fiddle with color schemes half way through an Army.

Anyway, this second batch of guys is the final part of my Imperial Guard platoon. Only thirty vets to kit-bash and paint and that's the army finished (along with the two kill-points worth of stuff I had painted before the challenge started). Of course, I've still got the display board to do after that as well. No time for anything fancy. I'll just have to go with flat desert terrain and leave it at that. Anyway, the Stormtroopers weren't speed paints. It took me two and half hours to paint five of them, twice as long as it took me to paint the 10 man guard squad. So far, it's all been speed-paints that I've submitted up to now. These Stormtroopers are painted to pretty much the same standard I offer my customers."

This is what I am talking about and why I think the challenge is such a good thing: We are helping people get their armies painted and they are helping us. Motivation is a powerful thing! For more of great work from this artist, check out Lead Legion here!

Up next, we have SeerK. I usually give our authors their own post, but he squeeked this post in at the 11th hour and I personally think it fits in just fine with the round up as he is starting a new Grey Knights army to balance his Eldar. Anyway, SeerK, we welcome you to the challenge for your paint is welcome too!

Here is SeerK and his Inquisitor:

"SeerK here with a KP for the record this week.  I have been doing a lot of hobby and painting projects as of late.  One of which is my Grey Knights army.  I have the first model finished.  My Ordo Xenos Inquisitor.  Inquisitor Jonas Abnett is actually an NPC from my now on hiatus Rouge Trader campaign."

" My painting skills are not as good as OST or CVintons so be gentle.  This was an experiment really with the new GW paint line.  I based it and built up the armor using the ceramite base and building up with the white scar layer and the praxitti dry brush.  I then hit it with a P3 armor wash which gave it a really cool grey effect.  I kinda wish I would have discovered this before I base coated my grey knights."

"The base is a classic bubonic brown using one of the new Textures for the top of the base.  I like these texture paints.  Hitting a base with it and then using some static grass or other accent really lest you get some decent looking bases done quickly."

"I am going to have some more paint and hobby projects up over at my blog Craftworld Lansing, this week.  Including a nice conversion I am doing to some of my Vypers to give them a sleek chin mounted Shuriken Cannon using bits form the bits box."

"A battle report involving my Grey Knights is also in the pipe as I take them out for the first time and cleanse some daemonic taint from a helpless imperial world."

OST back again .... and that is this week's round up! I am looking at the week ahead and I am exited to say that I will be adding quite a few more kill points to the Necrons soon. I know CVinton is almost done with his Necrons and Wolfson is still laboring over the Dark Eldar, so there is plenty more plastic for us to paint and display here. If you have plenty to do, grab a brush, paint your models and e-mail some pics to us. We are glad to welcome as many people to the challenge as possible!


  1. I really dig those stormtroopers, Lead Legion! I'm a big fan of alternate/reversed paint schemes for my Guard elites as well. Good stuff!

    I'm digging the inquisitor as well, SeerK!

    Keep up the great work, everyone!

  2. That Dakkajet is sexy! Nice work

  3. Thanks guys. I love that Bomber and really like the conversion work on the Inquisitor. Nice to see Ordo Xenos get some love in 40K.