Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Grotesque Files: Subject 3, The Tickler!

The third subject in our line of mutants from the lab is the Licker. This sick bastard is made from a minotaur primarily with a little twist

I removed the head and added the vambrace guard from the talos kit as a Black Mask, then green stuffed a upper head section designed to look like the creepy head from Wrong Turn or some other famous hillbilly genre. I also added the tentacle from the talos kit to represent a nasty tongue. The back is actually the back from a Crypt Fiend that I green stuff molded into place to make him look like a roided up mutant killer ... just like the Dark Eldar intended!

I used every bit of GS skill I have learned along my time in hobby to make the back blend together and to give him the appropriate scars and damaged skin.

The whole idea is to have a buff, perverted, creepy grotesque that Wolfson could be proud of. More to come in the following days, so keep your eyes open for more sick grotesques!


  1. I love the mass and bulk he's got, contrasted by the thin, disgusting tongue. Beautiful :-)

  2. This one is extra creepy! Definitely looking forward to seeing 'em painted up - keep up the great work!

    1. I am looking forward to what Wolfson does with them too. I really put some creeps in this group, but this guy was the first big creeper I built and the whole bolted-on mask combined with the spine tongue is just unsettling.

  3. Those spines are disgusting enough as it is, but using them as tongues is sheer genius! It makes them even more disturbing! Great job!

  4. Awesome. Absolute genius. I love em.