Thursday, May 3, 2012

Three Kill point Painting Challenge Entries

Sammy here, alright so we have a few entries on this post. First is my Hellhound that I converted from a forge world tauros venator, hopefully the red paint shows up correctly to everyone.

Next after that, Lord Solar Steve's old school sentinels converted with death korps of kreig pilots. Lord solar also painted different color power packs as to designate them when in a squadron together.

And next after that we have an entry from Demomaster. Who has done plague marine squad. He has some simple conversations like a plasma gun and a combimelta. I really like the absolutely gross look to the squad.

Alright guys lets see your models, don't be afraid. Send me the pics I want to show off what you guys work hard on every day. Even if you don't get a whole kill point done send me some WIP stuff its all good. we have had a couple great entries so far keep em coming. next week you will see my first storm trooper squad the first infantry for my elysian drop army. If you don't know how to send us pics you can always click the link on the top right of the blog. 

Samsquanch Monster OUT !


  1. Great! It looks like the KP painting challenge is firing up locally as well. The FLGSs in the area should benefit from more painted armies.

    Sammy, I like the Elysians and I am exited to see what you do with the whole army!

    LSS, I am glad to finally see the old sentinels put to good use and even better, they have the DKK guys riding in them! No body ever seems to have the balls to convert Rogue Trader and FW models!

    Demomaster, welcome, don't forget the backpacks!

    So far the challenge has gathered six KP since it's announcement! Just wait until I drop some Deathwing!

  2. Looking good! I especially dig the Tauros, very cool!

    My first entry email should be heading your way today or tomorrow assuming I get some decent light to take pics. OST, you should appreciate it, as it's based on one of your designs!

  3. I'll throw in a home made kans and a chaos dread