Saturday, May 5, 2012

Death Wing Squad Painted in Original Legion Colors!

Old School here with my Painting Challenge kill point for this week; a squad of Death Wing Terminators painted in original 1st Legion colors as they would have been up to the "Two-Heads Talking" incident. Anyway, aside from the fact that I had to move back to my crappy camera temporarily, I am pretty happy with these guys and with my force made of "almost fully painted" models, there will be more to come soon!
The first pic is the only one involving the sergeant that came out well and hopefully in the future, I can put something up that details his freehand knee design a little better but, oh well.

The squad was painted using zenithal highlighting from the airbrush in three stages of blacks and greys and depending on what level you see the model from, the shading will be different - this also meant that I could ignore line highlighting and just give them a little metallic wear and tear on the hard edges of their armor.

The thunder hammers are painted in the old school method - just two colors of blue and some drybrushed skull white. I know there are newer and improved ways to do it, but this is effective enough for me.

The dust on the models' legs is from the Vallejo weathering powders kit and I think makes for a really nice effect and matches the Dark Flesh base color of the basing material perfectly.

I really love the Death Wing and have been exploring some alternative builds for them from the past, so be on the look out for some painted up Heavy Flamer/ Chainfist guys as well as some Dreadnoughts in addition to the usual terminators and speeders that has become the norm.

I look forward to whipping these guys out as a fully painted army when I move to NC soon and really need to get to work on my Belial model (he is all converted up and just needs an awesome paintjob now).

And just for those guys out there who hate to see all the DW with thunder hammers and storm shields, I included this terrible photo - just to show off that I like to keep my options open, using a mix of magnetic terminators in my army - especially with an edition change coming up ... and I have found that just a couple of storm bolters can really be a game changer in some games.

Anyway, I believe this brings us to 10 kill points this week so far in the painting challenge! Keep the entries coming guys! We can all motivate each other!


  1. I saw them in person and really liked the way they're turning out. I love the fact that you have to know just a touch about deathwing to know, yes, these are dark angel colors. Should have held out for the preheresy termies...just saying...

  2. Maybe you need to know more than a little then. The Death Wing changed armor colors fairly recently!