Tuesday, May 22, 2012

20 Necron Immortals; CVinton with double KP for this week

I got caught up last week and though I don't count it as being 100% on the KP, I did my best to make up by cranking out double.  The pink Necron's continue.  Not much to stay about them really, but here's a simple photo dump.  Hail to the Pink!
I don't intend to make the army the same level/quality painting as my wolves.  The whole intent (though I'm 16 year old high school girl crush level of in love with this codex), as far as painting, was never to have them be an outstanding army.  I'm just shooting for quick table top.  at 12-24" paintjob as OST would say.

Yeah, I'm wearing a pink popped collar.  Come at me bro! 


  1. Lovely, pink seems to be the new metallic as far as Necrons are concerned.

  2. They look pretty respectable - I like the contrasting color of the weapon innards, it balances out the pink nicely. I've always been a fan of non-metallic-looking (boring) Necrons, and while I wouldn't necessarily spring for pink myself, they look pretty good en masse.

    Plus you've got the whole demoralization factor, which is what Necrons are all about anyway...

  3. These are Necron Hipsters. They wore pink when it was the color of war, which was 65 million years ago, so you probably never heard of it.