Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Test Of Khaine Tournament: Missions

Well its that time again. To celebrate Craftworld Lansing's 2nd birthday I bring you the 2nd Test Of Khaine Tournament on April 14th at Evolution Games. This is an 1850 pt tournament. Painted armies are encouraged but not required. Standard force org is being used with no Forge World rules allowed. Models are if they are being used instead of standard GW models. So I present to you the missions sans the fluff so you can prepare your army. Primary Objectives are worth 30 battle points, secondary Objectives are worth 15 points and Tertiary Objectives are worth 10 points. Games are 5 turns with standard random game length rules in effect.

Mission 1: Strength
Deployment: Pitched Battle

Primary Objective: Kill Points
Secondary Objective: Place a single objective in the center of the table. Only an HQ unit can hold this objective. It must be within 3 inches and no other enemy unit can be within 3 inches to claim this objective
Tertiary Objective: Have more units in your enemies deployment zone than he does at the end of the game.

Mission 2: Cunning
Deployment: Dawn Of War

Primary Objective: Choose an enemy unit. This must be an Elite, Heavy or Fast Attack choice. This unit is of special interest to the Seers and has been chosen for elimination. Destroy the unit to achieve this objective.
Secondary Objective: Both players designate an army leader. This is the highest points cost HQ unit in the army. The leader must be eliminated with haste to prevent a great catastrophe. He is a cunning opponent so be wary. Eliminate this Leader to secure this objective.
Tertiary Objective: You must lure the enemy away and claim quarters of the battle field. You must have no enemy units within the table quarter to claim it with a troop choice to win this objective.

Mission 3: Speed
Deployment: Spear Head
Primary Objective: Place a single objective in the center of the table in the no mans land. This objective is a valuable piece of tech that must not fall into the enemies hands. Any Unit, excluding vehicles, may “pick” up this objective and try to carry it off the table from your table edge. You pick up this objective by moving within 1 inch of it.  You must exit vehicles to pick up the objective.  You must carry it off the table to claim this objective. This unit does not count towards kill points.
Secondary Objective: Randomly place d3+2 objectives as per the take & hold rules in the 40K rulebook.
Tertiary Objective: Kill points

Well there you go. The missions for the Test Of Khaine. If you have any feedback or notice anything please let me know so I can make corrections. Registration will start at 10:30 at Evolution games, 6323 West Saginaw Highway Lansing, MI 48917 (517) 323-8600, and dice will drop at 11:30.  The entry fee is $10.00.  Get there early as this tournament filled up fast last year and I had to cap it at 32 players. I am planning for more just in case this year. So See you there

Happy Birthday to Craftworld Lansing and Happy Birthday to me as well. I turn 33 on the 14th as well.

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  1. For mission 2, tertiary objective - can a troop choice claim more than one table quarter?

  2. Yes. as long as no enemy unit is in the quarter to contest it.
    Basically I am calling this one like objectives. You can string one unit to claim to objectives.

  3. Mission 1:
    Can the HQ unit hold the objective from within a vehicle?

    Mission 3:
    Can the objective embark on a vehicle?
    When the objective reaches the board edge, is the unit carrying it removed from the game?

  4. Yes the HQ can hold from within a vehicle. Standard objectie holding rules are in effect as per the 40K rulebook.

    Yes the unit can embark on a vehicle after getting the objective. They cannot grab it while embarked though. The unit is removed from the game once it reaches the table edge. it does not count towards the KP total though.