Saturday, April 7, 2012

Observation of the New GW Paints

I just picked up some new paints from Lansing's newest most promising local game store, AFK Games, an I noticed something new on some of the pots.

That's a wierd little hinge remake that as soon as I saw it I was instantly happy.

That latch fixes 90% of what I hate about the pots; the damned lid won't stay open! I have to stuff a flying base stand or a chopped bit of spru in the hinge to be able to use the pot as intended. This little clip fixes that, and that is awesome.

Also, the pots now have a sort of seal on then, which is really great for knowing when you buy a pot it doesn't have any paint missing. Also, though I've never ordered paint, I know a very common problem was that they would rattle open in the box and the pot would be wasted. Not any more!

Now sadly the new style of pot only seemed to be on the washes...uh I mean shades. I saw a with the new style but majority of the rack was the old style. I imagine GW is going to try to use up the billions of old style pots before they start using te new so I'll be holding off any more purchases until I can get them in the new pots. If they aren't in squeeze bottles at least this is a little fix that I can get behind. I love their paints: I just hate the pots.


  1. The old washes had the same little clip on them too, I am looking at my Asurmen Blue and Thraka green and both have the clip. Paints that I bought after the initial release though never had the clips on them....

    Wonder if there is any reason that some do and some don't, especially with the relaunch...

  2. I really do think that they're just going through their old pots. The ones with the clips also have the little 'seal' things on them and a different inside (compare the picture of the earthshade and the white) I think they'll move all of the paints to the least I hope they do.

  3. It'd be a great opportunity for them to engage with their customer base and explain things like that... if only they did that sort of thing. /sigh

    I like the concepts and colors - like a few have said, they seem to be tailored to teaching people how to paint. IMO that isn't a bad thing at all, considering many of us multi-decade vets of the hobby learned how to do techniques that replicated the functions of these individual paints "manually" often through trial and error. Looking forward to picking up a couple of each of the new lines and giving them a whirl.

  4. According to Stahly's comprehensive review over on his blog, Games Workshop wasn't able to get enough new pots to meet the demand. So they are recycling some of the old paint pot stock.

  5. AFK Games:

    2495 Cedar Street, Suite 13-B, Holt, MI 48842

  6. i got a clip on my orange but for some reason the lid had little strings keeping it shut that i needed to cut with a scalpel?

  7. those are the 'seal' mine all tore when I opened it but I imagine you can cut them if they're not breaking.